As part of the Anti-Air Tier 2 Legion Faction quest, players are tasked to capture a SAM Site in DMZ.

Capturing a SAM Site is a fairly simple process but it can be tough to know where to begin when starting this mission.

Here is everything you need to know to capture a SAM Site!

How to Find a SAM Site in Warzone 2 DMZ

To find a SAM Site in DMZ, you will first need to complete the “Storm the Stronghold” Tier 1 mission. By completing this you will unlock the Tier 2 Legion missions.

Once Tier 2 missions are unlocked a new missile icon marking the SAM Sites location will be visible on the map.

Here is how you can locate SAM Sites on your map:

  • Once in-game, open up your map by pressing the Touchpad on PlayStation / View button on Xbox / Tab on PC
  • Zoom in on the map using R1 / RB / the mouse scroll wheel
  • Look for a white missile icon, this is where the SAM site will be located
  • These icons will spawn randomly all throughout the map, so look around the area closest to your spawn first
    • If you have not completed the Tier 1 mission “Storm the Stronghold” the icon will not appear on your map.
SAM Site Icon in DMZ

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How to Capture a SAM Site in DMZ

Once you have located and traveled to the SAM Site, this is how you capture it:

  • Clear out any AI soldiers or other enemy operators around the area
  • Scout around the base of the SAM Site to locate a computer, this will be at the front of the SAM turret
  • Go up to the computer and press Square on PlayStation / X on Xbox / E on PC to interact with it
  • The SAM Site is now being captured and you will need to defend the area from any enemies around the site for around one minute
  • Once the SAM has been captured, hang around for another minute as it will shoot down an aircraft carrying a supply drop
  • Don’t forget to go and loot that supply drop to complete your Faction Mission!
Sam Site Capture in DMZ

Make sure no other enemy operators interact with the SAM Site! If they interact with it while you are capturing or holding it, you will lose control!

We recommended going in with a full squad and full armor! This is because defending the SAM Site can be a little tricky.

By completing this Anti-Air mission, you will earn an RPK (Contraband) reward. There are also some pretty good DMZ Faction Mission rewards in the other missions as well!

Plus don’t forget that with a little effort you can even unlock more insured slots in DMZ, ensuring that you don’t lose your favorite guns!

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