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Final Warzone Zombies Location Accidentally Released Early

The zombies moved a bit too quickly in Warzone yesterday, revealing the final outbreak location early!

The outbreak of zombies in Verdansk began all the way back at the beginning of Season 2. First, they took over the new Shipwreck POI, but they continued to spread.

The outbreak reached locations like Prison, Hospital, and TV Station, but the final outbreak location was accidentally added into the game early yesterday.

warzone verdansk zombies

Warzone Zombies Outbreak Final Location Revealed

Warzone players thought that the zombies smashing down the doors of Superstore would be the only undead news yesterday. However, they got more than they were expecting.

Some players also experienced what seems to be the final zombie location in Warzone. This lines up perfectly with the previous leak which revealed all of the upcoming zombie spawn locations.

The unexpected POI the zombies appeared at in Warzone is Dam, and players believe this is the final location. Unfortunately, Raven has fixed this and no more zombies are appearing at Dam… for now.

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Verdansk dam

Zombies at Dam

It makes sense that Dam will be the final zombie spawn location in Warzone, next Thursday. This is because With the contamination level rose up to 66% in the last move and there are also only two more weeks until Warzone Season 3.

Once players kill the zombies at Dam, the leaked Destruction of Verdansk event could begin. This seems to be right on the horizon now, as a leaker has found a nuke calling card in the Warzone already.

Players can also hope that the amazing Plague game mode finally comes to Warzone. This involves defending Warzone’s Verdansk from zombies and finally launching a nuke!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out everything we know so far about Warzone Season 3. New operators, weapons, and even a new map could be coming!

Hopefully, this final zombies spawn location will bring some excitement for Warzone players who think the Outbreak event was a total disappointment.

Finally, many Warzone players think that the game was better before the Cold War integration. What do you think?

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