If you’re eager to start playing FF16 the second it launches, then you’re in luck, as pre-loading begins days before the official launch!

However, to make sure you give yourself enough time to download Final Fantasy 16’s enormous file size, you’ll need to know exactly when the pre-load period begins.

Fortunately, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about pre-downloading Final Fantasy 16, including when it’s expected to happen and the exact steps to do it.

FF16 Preload Date & Time

Players can preload Final Fantasy 16 right now, so long as they have pre-ordered the game or pre-order it now.

The preload period for Final Fantasy 16 began on June 20, 2023, at midnight globally.

FF16’s file size is enormous, so players who want to experience everything it has to offer the moment it releases should begin preloading now.

The pre-load time for Final Fantasy 16

Keep reading to find out how to make sure FF16 automatically pre-downloads on June 20, 2023 at midnight.

How to Pre-Load FF16

To pre-load Final Fantasy 16 on PlayStation 5, you must do the following:

  • Pre-order FF16 from the PlayStation store.
the FF16 pre-order store page ps5
  • Head to your Game Library from the home screen.
    • Scroll to the far right until you reach the icon with a controller on top of little boxes.
  • Go to Your Collection.
PS5 Game Library with FF16 highlighted
  • Select Final Fantasy 16.
    • If you’ve just purchased it, it will appear at the top.
  • Select the timer counting down.
The release date countdown timer for FF16 on the PS5
  • Ensure the tick box next to FF16 is selected to enable auto-download.
    • If it is ticked, FF16 will automatically start pre-downloading when it becomes available.
  • Press Okay to confirm.
Selecting Final Fantasy 16 to pre-load

FF16 PS5 File Size

Final Fantasy 16’s total PS5 file size on launch day will be 90.18GB. Of course, this will likely be increased significantly in the coming months with future updates.

Twitter user PlayStation Game Size revealed FF16’s file size on June 17. While it isn’t an official confirmation, they have accurately reported other games’ file sizes in the past.

This initial file size does not include a 300MB day-one patch which is set to fix some frame-rate issues that occur in densely populated areas, such as towns, in the game.

It’s also worth noting that Final Fantasy 16’s file size was set to be much bigger, and the game would have to be shipped physically on two discs, much like the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

However, this plan was ultimately scrapped as the development team was able to bring down the file size substantially.