Square Enix has released a lengthy demo for Final Fantasy 16 that allows players to experience the first few missions of the main game.

It’s perfect for those looking to get their FF16 fix before the main game launches later this month. But many may be wondering just how long that fix will last.

Fortunately, we’ve broken down exactly how long the demo is and how many missions you can expect to play through.

How Long to Beat the Final Fantasy 16 Demo

The Final Fantasy 16 demo is roughly between 2-2.5 hours, depending on how much of the linear environments you explore.

Additionally, the Eikonic Challenge mode that unlocks after you beat the demo adds one hour of extra content.

The Eikonic Challenge mode puts players several hours into FF16’s main campaign and lets them complete an entire additional mission with enhanced combat abilities.

You will beat the main demo (not including the Eikonic Challenge mode) at level 10.

The load screen for the Final Fantasy 16 Demo

Exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes of the demo’s 2-hour runtime are cutscenes. Twenty-three minutes of the Eikonic Challenge mode’s 1-hour runtime are cutscenes.

Of course, the demo and Eikonic Challenge mode can be replayed as many times as you’d like. Cutscenes can be skipped, as can the combat tutorial on repeat playthroughs.

Furthermore, your progress from the main demo, not the Eikonic Challenge, can be carried over to the main game.

So, you can shave off around two hours of playtime from the main game if you choose to purchase it.

How Many Missions in the Final Fantasy 16 Demo?

There are seven main missions to complete across the Final Fantasy 16 demo and the Eikonic Challenge. These are broken down into:

  • Final Fantasy 16 Demo missions:
    • A Flame Summoned
    • To Kill a Dominant
    • Pride (Combat Tutorial)
    • Sunrise, Sunset
    • Lost in a Fog
    • Flight of the Fledgling
  • Eikonic Challenge mission:
    • Headwind
The mission start text for Sunrise Sunset in Final Fantasy 16

The first three missions in the FF16 demo are predominantly tutorials or cutscene-heavy, with the missions Sunrise, Sunset, Lost in a Fog, and Flight of the Fledgling being the longest.

You will encounter six bosses across these seven missions, including four in the main demo and two in the Eikonic Challenge mode.