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Final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists Revealed – Gadgets, Abilities & More

DICE has finally revealed the last 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists coming to the game on launch day – check out who they are and their unique abilities.

DICE has made some controversial decisions while developing Battlefield 2042. It’s fair to say that none of them have been as divisive as replacing classes with Specialists.

The new Specialists system in Battlefield 2042 has come under fire a lot. Many fans even decided that they hated Specialists as soon as Battlefield 2042 was announced.

However, this isn’t deterring DICE from sticking with the new system. In fact, the developer has just announced the final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists that will be available on release day.

But first, check out all of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists playable in the Beta.

Battlefield 2042

Final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists Revealed

These are the final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists to complete the launch roster:

Navin Rao

Indian Recon Specialist Rao is an expert hacker. His Trait Trojan Network highlights any nearby enemies after you kill an opposition soldier.

Meanwhile, his Specialty, Cyber Warfare Suite lets him hack enemy equipment as well as in-world objects like bollards.

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Navin Rao Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza

An Assault Specialist from Mexico, Dozer has the Blast Resistant Trait. This reduces the damage of enemy explosives.

Additionally, his Specialty is the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield. This protects you from incoming projectiles, gunfire in particular.

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Dozer Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Emma “Sundance” Rosier

Another Assault Specialist, the French soldier Sundance is perfect for getting around the Battlefield. Her Trait is the Wingsuit. Battlefield 2042’s vertical maps will definitely let you make the most of this exciting traversal option!

Meanwhile, her Specialty is Smart Explosives which lets you select between anti-armor, EMP, and scatter grenades on the fly.

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Sundance Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Ji-Soo Paik

South Korean Recon soldier Paik is a Specialist who is perfect for players who want intel on the enemy. She has the Threat Perception Trait which allows her to automatically spot enemies who damage her.

Plus, the EMG-X Scanner Specialty reveals players through walls. This looks like it could be one of the most powerful gadgets in the game.

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Ji-Soo Paik Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Contantin “Angel” Anghel

Finally, Angel is a Support class Specialist from Romania. His Trait, Trauma Specialist lets you revive teammates quicker and they come back with full health and armor.

Meanwhile, the Loadout Crate Specialty will let you call in a drop with armor, ammo, and new loadouts for you and your teammates.

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Angel Battlefield 2042 Specialist

Now that DICE has revealed all of the Specialists in Battlefield 2042, which one do you think you’ll be playing as?

Meanwhile, even if the Battlefield 2042 Beta was full of issues, the launch build hopefully won’t be. DICE has already made a load of Battlefield 2042 improvements.

Despite this, Battlefield fans want DICE to delay 2042 again. One of the main reasons behind this is the Specialists in Battlefield 2042.

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