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FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps 60 Match Daily Limit Fails to Solve Soft Ban Issue

FIFA 23 implemented a 60 match daily limit to its World Cup Swaps mode, but it fails to fix the soft ban issue while limiting players looking to obtain every swap.

World Cup Swap games use Golden Goal rules. This means the first player to score wins the match. Unfortunately, players were getting soft-banned by mistake due to how quickly they’d play through matches.

FIFA 23 implemented a match limit to fix this, but it seems it doesn’t work as well as they intended.

FUT World Cup Swaps Daily Match Limit Fails to Solve Soft Ban Issue

FIFA 23 has added a new 60-match daily limit to World Cup Swaps but fails to address the current soft ban issues.

Soft bans trigger at 15 matches per hour or 75 matches per day. Players can still easily obtain soft bans from playing 15 matches within one hour.

NepentheZ also pointed out that the soft ban system considers every game on any mode. Any combination of 75 matches in any game mode can get players soft-banned.

What this does is it now limits how many matches for World Cup Swaps players can do in one day without actually fixing any issues.

World Cup Swaps are a new reward item that players can use to get some incredible FUT items.

Although, there is only a limited amount of WC Swaps available. This means it’s important for players to get the most out of the time they can play FIFA 23.

The limit was previously set to 10 matches per hour. But due to the nature of Golden Goal, many players would reach this limit in just a fraction of the time.

How to Know if You Are Soft Banned in FIFA 23

If you are soft-banned in FIFA 23, you can still play games, but none count towards any objectives or rewards.

Instead, you are disconnected from your match. A soft ban usually lasts anywhere from 12-24 hours, but there is no way to track this actively.

Some players have reported that leaving FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for an hour and signing back in could potentially fix this issue. Other players have stated that playing a Squad Battles match might fix this.

Although both of these methods have very mixed reviews among players.

If you do get soft-banned but still want to get rewards, then doing SBCs might be your best bet:

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