FIFA 23’s World Cup promotional schedule has leaked.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is just around the corner! And as expected, we will be receiving a number of promos throughout the quadrennial tournament.

FIFA 23 fans will surely be excited to hear what we can expect to see throughout November and December!

Every World Cup Item Type in FIFA 23
Every FUT World Cup Item Design

When Does the FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Start?

FIFA 23’s World Cup content starts on November 9, 2022. This is when the World Cup mode is released.

However, the FUT 23 World Cup content will start on November 11, 2022.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode releases on November 9, 2022, and ends on January 3, 2023.

This will include the following modes:

  • FIFA World Cup Tournament
    • Play as one of the 32 qualified nations in an authentic single-player recreation of the full FIFA World Cup 2022. You can also customize to add nations that did not qualify
FIFA 23 World Cup Tournament
    • Play upcoming matches or rewrite the outcome of a past FIFA World Cup 2022™ game to change the destination of the biggest trophy in football, with authentic fixtures, squads, stats, results, group standings, and more.
    • Featured Quickplay: You can select any past or present FIFA World Cup 2022™ fixture for which the two are already known, and play the match against friends locally or challenge the CPU AI.
    • Online Quickplay: In Online Quickplay, you can choose the fixture you want to play against a friend online. You can select any nation available in FIFA 23, even if they have not qualified for the World Cup. Crossplay is also enabled.
FIFA 23 Online Quick Play
  • Your FIFA World Cup
    • As the tournament unfolds you’ll be able to inherit real-world progress into a FIFA World Cup™ tournament save and take matters into your own hands, influencing the course of football history as you see fit. 
    • The Your FIFA World Cup™ mode will be available after the results from the first Match Day 1 fixture are updated in the game.
Your FIFA World Cup

Unlike other FIFA titles in World Cup years, we will not be receiving a dedicated World Cup mode in FUT.

FIFA 23 Leaked World Cup Schedule

Here is all the events coming to FIFA 23 during the World Cup!

  • Path To Glory (11 November – 23 November)
  • Road to the World Cup (25 November – 2 December)
  • World Cup Stories (2 December – 9 December)
  • World Cup Team of the Tournament (16 December – 23 December)
Some details in this article are either leaks or speculation. We will update this article once information has been confirmed for each FIFA 23 World Cup event or item.

FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory

The Path to Glory event will start on November 11, 2022, and end on November 23, 2022.

No further information was provided but based on the event’s name, we can speculate it could follow a similar concept to Path to Glory events in previous FIFA titles!

The most recent Path to Glory promo was launched as part of the Festival of FUTball in FIFA 21. This event was to mark the Copa América and EURO 2020 tournaments.

Path to Glory included two promo squads, featuring players from nations participating in the tournaments.

The Path to Glory items were dynamic cards that upgraded based on how well a player’s nation competed throughout their tournament.

FIFA 21 Path To Glory and What we can expect for FIFA 23 World Cup PTG
Path to Glory Upgrade System in FIFA 21

This event will be releasing the FUT World Cup heroes alongside the Path to Glory items!

These Heroes will replace the current Hero items in packs. There will be a few Heroes which are only available via SBCs or as Objectives.

The FUT World Cup Heroes will be released across two team releases!

These are not limited-time items and will be permanent across the whole FIFA 23-game cycle.

FIFA 23 World Cup Heroes

FIFA 23 Road to the World Cup

The Road to the World Cup event will begin on November 25, 2022, and end on December 2, 2022.

This event will include the release of 35 World Cup icons! World Cup icons will be released through a number of squads in this promo!

The World Cup Icon card design has already leaked earlier in October and features a gold and red combination!

FIFA 23 World Cup Stories

The World Cup Stories promo will start on December 2, 2022, and end on December 9, 2022.

No further information was provided on this promo.

Based on this event’s name, this could entail Flashback items, which will be highlighting special moments from players in a previous World Cup. However, this is just speculation.

FUT 23 World Cup Team of the Tournament

The Team of the Tournament promo will most likely be released on December 16, 2022, just a couple of days before the World Cup Final.

This promo will be featuring a 23-man squad of the best performers throughout the tournament!

World Cup Items Coming to FIFA 23

FIFA 23 World Cup Time-Limited Items

In FIFA 23, there will be time-limited items available in FUT. Players will be using these items to complete objectives and SBCs in FIFA 23.

These items will be obtainable from packs gained through rewards as well as Store packs! FUT Players will also receive a FIFA 23 World Cup Starter which you will earn from logging into FUT.

EA Sports will be removing these items beginning January 4, 2022.

The Limited Time World Cup items may also have different base card stats from their regular gold counterparts!

FIFA 23 World Cup Card Design

It seems these items will offer different chemistry than their regular items in FIFA 23. These items do not contain a club, instead, they have the crest of their nation.

FUT World Cup players in squad

FIFA 23 End of World Cup Event Rewards

World Cup End of Event rewards is coming to FIFA 23. Collecting as many time-limited items as you can improve the level of rewards you receive.

There will be a FIFA World Cup tile within FUT 23 which will track how many items you have obtained. Duplicate items will count towards your rewards!

The FIFA World Cup tile will have 10 Reward Levels. As you complete more levels you will unlock more rewards.

These rewards include packs and player picks!

You will be able to collect these rewards on January 4th through the World Cup tile.

FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps

This Swaps event will launch on November 11, 2022.

FUT users will use the time-limited items to earn tokens. FUT players will be using these tokens to then trade for rewards!

The majority of tokens will be earned through offline and online objectives.

Included in Swaps Rewards, will be one permanently upgraded FIFA World Cup Star item from each participating nation!

Other rewards will include packs and player picks!

Also, every FUT player will receive a free token on launch.

FIFA 23 World Cup Stars

The World Cup Stars item design has been confirmed.

You will be able to obtain these through the World Cup Swaps rewards!

The World Cup Stars have permanently upgraded items. They will be remaining in FIFA 23 across the whole FIFA 23 season.

FIFA 23 World Cup Showdowns

Showdown cards in FIFA are obtainable via SBCs and are eligible for a one-time upgrade!

Since it is the World Cup, the showdown cards will be from differing nations that compete against one another at the World Cup in the days after the release of the SBC.

The winner from the real-life fixture receives a +2 on his overall and across his stats, while the loser will receive no upgrades.

Both of the SBC items will upgrade if the showdown is from a group-stage match. In the event of a draw, both sets of items will receive a +1 upgrade!

FIFA 23 World Cup Phenoms

At this moment, we have no information about World Cup Phenoms.

We do not know if this will be an event or just an item like Showdown players. The World Cup Phenoms were found in the game’s code by FUT Scoreboard.

That is everything we can be expecting from FIFA 23’s World Cup schedule!

The World Cup event leaks have come from Insider Gaming and FUT Scoreboard.

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