In a significant update to FIFA 23, EA Sports will feature the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s World Cup for the first time.

This could mark the final collaboration between EA Sports and the FIFA name, adding an extra layer of significance to the release.

With the upcoming World Cup update, prepare for the most comprehensive and immersive Women’s football experience yet. Here are all the details you need to know.

When Will the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup DLC Release?

The FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup DLC will release in the final week of June. At the moment, no exact day has been announced, but we expect it to arrive between June 26 and June 30.

The DLC will be completely free, and all players must do is download the update file when it is available.

Every FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup Mode

Kick Off

The classic Kick Off mode will be available for gamers to play. You can play against your friends locally or set up to beat the AI.

Take control of any of the 32 qualified teams and immerse yourself in the tournament’s excitement, starting from the group stage to the grand finale.

FIFA 23 Women's World Cup Kick Off


Take one of the 32 nations from the Group Stage to the final in Tournament mode. Choose any of the qualified national teams and navigate their path to glory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

With the ability to control up to 32 teams, you can enjoy the entire tournament alongside your friends in local cooperative play.

FIFA 23 Women's World Cup Tournament

Lead Your Country

The Lead Your Country mode is a unique way to experience the Women’s World Cup. Take control of a singular player in FIFA 23, whether a real-life star or a newly created player.

In this mode, you will only control that one player as you seek glory on the world stage. In FIFA 23’s Avatar creation, you can shape your player exactly as you envision, from physical appearance to position and Attributes.

Lead your Country Mode

Will the FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup DLC Have Ultimate Team?

Unfortunately, Ultimate Team will not be part of this DLC. Currently, FUT exclusively features players from the men’s game with no female players in the mode.

If you want to experience the 2023 Women’s World Cup, you must play the modes listed above.

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