The latest FIFA 23 update brings a nerf to the Trivela Outside Foot Shot and a FUT Champions Win-Loss Counter, among other things!

These are just a few of the many changes that will go live with the FIFA 23 Title Update #4. Here are a few more important ones you should be aware of.

Biggest Changes in FIFA 23 Title Update 4

Trivela Outside Foot Shot Nerf

The accuracy of Trivela Outside Foot Shots is being reduced by up to 30%. This affects all players, including those with the Outside Foot Trait.

Although, players with the Outside Foot Trait will only receive a 10% reduction in accuracy.

Outside foot shots are currently in the FIFA 23 Meta and one of the easiest ways to score a goal.

FUT Champs Win-Loss Counter

Players will now be able to see their current win-loss performance in FUT Champs and FUT Playoffs. This will allow players to see how many more wins they need to secure a certain rank.

Previously, FUT Champions only displayed how many points you had.

Check out our guides to learn more about FUT Champs and how to qualify to get the best rewards:

Improved Semi-Assisted Through Passes

The accuracy of target selection for Semi-Assisted Through Passes has been improved. These passes are now less likely to be underpowered and land at the feet of your opponent.

In the past, through passes were very easy to intercept, and if they happened to bounce off a player, they’d likely fall into the feet of an opponent.

Although, many players opted to use the driven lobbed through pass due to how successful it is in FUT Rivals.

Skip Power Shot Animation Glitch Fixed

There was a glitch that would allow players to skip the power shot animation and perform them instantly. This was extremely concerning due to how likely to be successful power shots are.

You could perform this glitch by using the following steps:

  • Start your shooting animation by pressing O/B.
    • This could be different if you have different controller settings.
  • Before your player kicks the ball, press R1 + L1/RB +LB.
  • This will cause your player to skip the power shot animation completely.

Thankfully, FIFA 23 has now fixed this with Title Update #4.

FIFA 23 Settings Glitch Fixed

In FIFA 23, some players would find that their settings reset randomly when logging in. This wasn’t too big of an issue, but it could be annoying for players who like to set their game up in a certain way.

You can see the best FIFA 23 settings here:

These are just a few of the biggest changes coming to FIFA 23 in Title Update #4. You can see the full list of patch notes for FIFA 23 Title Update #4 here.