EA has officially confirmed the launch dates for the upcoming FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App and Companion app!

FIFA 23 is almost upon us, and that means a new year in the game’s biggest mode, Ultimate Team.

And if you want to get a head start on building your team, you’ll be able to use the internet browser Web App as well as the smartphone Companion App ahead of the full Ultimate Team release.

Here’s when the FUT 23 Web App and Companion App will be launching!


FIFA 23 Web App Release Date

The browser FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App will release on September 21, 2022.

EA Sports also announced on their official forum that the FIFA 22 web app would be deactivated on Friday, September 16, 2022. This will leave a downtime of approximately 5 days.

Update 9/21/22 at 18:45 BST - FIFA 23 Web App is now live!

Web App Countdown – Time Until Release

The FUT 23 Web App will be live in *

*Countdown time is an estimate based on previous releases.

FIFA 23 Companion App Release Date

The FIFA 23 Companion app for mobile will release on September 22, 2022.

There will be no downtime for the app, and when the FIFA 23 version releases then, all you will need to do is update the application.

Update 9/22/22 - FIFA 23 Companion App is now live!

Companion App Countdown – Time Until Release

The FUT 23 Companion App will be live in *

*Countdown time is an estimate based on previous releases.

These dates were officially confirmed by Justin Pohl, the EA Community Lead.


How to Access the FUT 23 Ultimate Team Web App & Companion Early

Early Access Requirements

To access the FUT 23 Web App and Companion App prior to the full game launching, users will have to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have created a FUT Club in FIFA 22 and logged in to FUT 22 on your platform before August 1, 2022.
  • Your FUT 22 account must still exist. If you’ve deleted your Club, you won’t be able to get an early start.
  • Your account needs to be in good standing (not banned etc.).

Web App Early Access

If you meet all these criteria, you can access the FUT 23 Web App on its site as soon as it goes live. This is currently the FIFA 22 web app but will switch to FIFA 23 in due course.

If your account is deemed ineligible to access the Web App, users can expect a similar message to this:

FIFA 23 Web App error message

Companion App Early Access

To access the mobile Companion App, players will need to download the app from the app store and log into their EA account.

Current owners of the FIFA 22 app will only need to update to the newest version in their app store.

You can download the FUT Companion App even before it updates to FUT 23 from the correct app store using the links below:

FUT 23 Web App Welcome Back Rewards

Returning users can expect Welcome Back rewards when logging into the app for the first time. These rewards will be based on the following criteria:

  • Account’s good standing in the game
  • Player history
  • Engagement
  • Account status

Since these perks will be based on several factors, your rewards may be different from your friends.

Returning users will have access to the Ultimate Team transfer market. From there, they can start buying and selling players as they start building their best FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams.

That said, players won’t receive their FIFA 23 pre-order extras until the game’s official release.

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