To build the best FUT team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you’ll need to understand how chemistry works and all the new reworks.

FIFA Ultimate Team has risen to be one of the most popular modes in sports gaming. The concept allows players to mix a bit of mystery into the usual FIFA formula.

It’s a very competitive mode, and some of the best FIFA players thrive on making the best possible team. Thankfully, we have every tip you need to build the Best FUT Team in FIFA 23


FUT Tips & Tricks in FIFA 23

There’s 10 main ways you can build a better FIFA Ultimate Team:

  • Do Squad Based Challenges
  • Prioritize a League or Nation to be the foundation for your squad
  • Get familiar with Player Chemistry and the Chemistry Threshold
  • Use Chemistry Styles to improve your players
  • Play Divisional Rivals
  • Complete FUT Moments
  • Before you buy a card, look at their complete list of stats
  • Learn to trade players in the Transfer Market
  • Choose the right formation for your team
  • Grind your FUT Objectives

Do Squad Based Challenges

  • Squad Battles is a single-player/co-op mode within FIFA 23 Ultimate Team where you challenge CPU-controlled teams based on actual teams owned by other players.
    • It’s a solo mode that allows gamers to build up points and progress through different ranks. The higher the ranks, the better rewards.
  • It’s okay to use high-level players on Squad Building Challenges when you’re working towards a player that is perfect for your team.
    • Squad Building Challenges won’t last forever, so take advantage of them when you can.
  • Completing these challenges will help you obtain some high-level cards without needing to spend a ridiculous amount of coins.
  • SBCs also have special player cards that usually include some of the best players but in unique moments with boosted stats.
  • Always check what SBCs are available to make sure you get the best cards possible.

Get Familiar with Player Chemistry and the Chemistry Threshold

  • Check out our complete Chemistry Guide to learn the ins and outs of all the changes to chemistry in FIFA 23 and how you can maximize it for your squad.
  • Chemistry will allow you to boost the stats of all your players, so it’s important that you have a team full of players with high chemistry.

Prioritize a League or Nation to Be the Foundation for Your Squad

  • Decide on one or two leagues and keep your players in that area.
  • This will help you easily maximize your Chemistry Points for all your players. The better your chemistry, the better the player will play.
  • Prioritize Chemistry over Overall Rating when it comes to your players.
    • But the most important thing is getting that Chemistry Boost, unless the Overall Rating is a huge difference, like 5 or 10 points more.

Use Chemistry Styles to Improve Your Players

  • Chemistry Styles will improve certain stats for your players. They could be the difference between a missed shot and an amazing goal.
  • Need to give a Striker a boost to their Pace? Applying a Chemistry Style will help you do this.
  • Check out our complete breakdown of all the Chemistry Styles to see which one is best for your player.

Play Divisional Rivals

  • Some of the best rewards can be obtained from Divisional Rivals. These are weekly rewards that the player can earn consistently.
  • Division Rivals (or FUT Rivals) is a seasonal competitive mode where players face off against each other to climb the ranks to Division 1 and earn FUT Champions Points.
  • FUT Champions is a mode in FIFA 23 that is only accessible to players that reach the required amount of FUT Champion Points by playing FUT Rivals.

Complete FUT Moments

  • FUT Moments are new single-player challenges featuring some memorable moments in football that gamers can complete for rewards.
  • It’s brand new to FIFA 23 and will feature a constant flow of challenges that are added all FUT throughout the season.
  • Players who complete these FUT Moments will be able to earn FUT Stars that they can then use to unlock rewards in the FIFA 23 Star Gallery. The more complicated the challenge, the more FUT Stars you’ll be able to earn.
  • FUT Moments is a great place to obtain high-level player cards without needing to spend FIFA Points or coins.

Look for Unique Traits in Player Cards

  • FIFA 23 player traits are unique skills that certain players have that affect how they play in Ultimate Team.
  • Some traits allow players to have a better-placed finesse shot, and other traits will improve how a player moves when being controlled by the computer AI.
  • Traits are important because they help you see what the best Strikers, Midfielders, and Defenders in FIFA 23 are. Players with strong traits are hard to come by, so make sure you always check for them.

Learn to Trade Players in the Transfer Market

  • Learn the ins and outs of the Transfer Market.
  • When completing Squad Based Challenges, you’re going to spend some time in the Transfer Market looking for the right player to finish an objective.
    • It’s a good idea to buy common gold players when they are below 450 coins and sell them during a popular SBC where they might go for a few hundred coins more.

Choose the Right Formation for Your Team

  • Your formation is one of the most important factors when deciding what sort of team you’ll be playing with.
    • Having a strong formation can help you decide which players to seek for your team.
  • Do you want to focus on fast-paced counter-attacks? Or maybe you want to have a strong backline that can play through the wings.
  • Spend time trying different formations before you commit to finding expensive player cards for that position.

Grind Your FUT Objectives

  • It is possible to obtain free player packs by completing various objectives throughout the various FIFA 23 Ultimate Team seasons.
  • When the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team season begins, it is important to always check Objectives, Moments, and Squad Building Challenges to see which free packs you can obtain.
  • This is your bread and butter to your initial team building, and sometimes it’s how you get some of the more unique player cards without needing to wait for a lucky strike in the player packs.
  • Play Live Friendlies
    • Friendlies are a stress-free way to train with your FIFA Ultimate Team. Players can either host a game with or against their friends or match up with someone online.
    • Players can also play Live Friendlies, offering special entry requirements and unique rewards.
    • FUT Friendlies do not affect your in-game record.
FUT Chemistry Screen

Do FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Cards Transfer to FIFA 23?

No, unfortunately, none of your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player cards will transfer over to FIFA 23.

But there are currently some challenges in FIFA 22 that will allow players to complete objectives and obtain player packs for FIFA 23.

What is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode where gamers must collect player cards and form the best possible team using chemistry links.

Players then use the teams they build to compete in various modes. There is even a competitive aspect where players need to participate in matches to qualify for FUT Champions.

It’s incredibly competitive and requires players to amass the best player cards possible.

Players can obtain FUT player cards in a variety of ways. In this guide, we’ll explore which options will help you build the best team possible without needing to spend any money.

What is New in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team changes the way chemistry links work, FUT Champions, and adds an entirely new mode called FUT Moments.

Here is a quick list of all the changes:

  • FUT Moments adds more challenges for those that enjoy single-player.
  • Chemistry works with a completely different system in FIFA 23.
  • Cross-play has been added to FIFA 23 FUT. This means players can play with each other no matter which platform they’re on.
  • Cross-play market means everyone will share a single Transfer Market no matter which platform they game on.
  • Improved customization options for FIFA 23 Stadium Mode. These options include:
    • New roof customization
    • Animated Tifos and Pitch Trophies
    • Improvements to visual effects

Players will be able to obtain some iconic new stadiums and emblems for their team thanks to the new licenses coming to FIFA 23.

How to Obtain FIFA 23 Packs from FIFA 22 Pre-Season

Here is how to obtain FIFA 23 Packs right now to give you a headstart:

  • Complete the Live FUT Friendly Objectives
    • These will reward you with the FIFA 23 Kick Starter Pack 3, which includes:
      • 3 Rare Gold English Players
      • 3 Rare Gold German Players
      • 3 Rare Gold Argentinian Players
      • 3 Rare Gold Netherlands Players
      • 3 Rare Gold Portuguese Players
  • Complete Warm Up to FUT 23 Squad Building Challenges
    • These will reward you with Warm Up Pack 3, which includes:
      • Base Icon Loan Pack x5 Games
      • Two Rare Gold Player Pack

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Best Player Packs to Purchase

Once FIFA 23 releases, we will update this section with the best player cards to purchase from the Transfer Market to set off your FIFA 23 Ultimate journey.

FUT Icons FIFA 23

Different Kinds of Player Cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 will have the usual Bronze, Silver, and Gold player cards while also housing some more elite FUT Hero, FUT World Cup Hero, and FUT Icon cards.

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