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FIFA 23: Ultimate Team Crossplay Market Explained

FIFA 23 is going to be released soon and for the very first time, crossplay will be implemented on Ultimate Team. Here you will find out how crossplay will affect the Ultimate Team transfer market.

EA has announced many changes for FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team. For the very first time in FIFA history, different consoles and platforms will be connected via crossplay.

This means that the FUT transfer market will also be shared between different platforms, meaning that you will be able to buy cards from most different platforms. However, there are some exceptions.

Here are all the FIFA 23 crossplay modes explained in full detail.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 New FUT Transfer Market Explained

The FIFA 23 transfer market is divided into two groups. The following platforms share the same transfer market:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Stadia

Players from old gen and new gen consoles will share the same market, which means the market will have higher liquidity.

The market covering the platforms above will have more efficiency, which helps both buyers and sellers find fair prices.

The following platforms have their own separate market:

  • PC (Pool 1)
  • Switch (Pool 2)

This means that there will now be three separate FUT markets, with PC only interacting with PC, and Switch players only interacting with Switch.

FIFA fans believe that the reason for this is because PC players would have a huge advantage to buy players from the transfer market.

Prices will now be consistent across all platforms for the first time, making SBCs easier to complete.

In the old FIFA games, cards would be cheaper depending on the platform that you played, which some players found unfair.

FIFA 23 Crossplay Ultimate Team

Can You Turn Off Cross-play In The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Transfer Market?

No. The FUT transfer market will always be live and connected to the other consoles, regardless of your crossplay settings.

This means that if you don’t want crossplay, you can disable it; however, the transfer market will not change.

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Check the FIFA 23 reveal trailer below:

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