While the 2022 Qatar World Cup is being played, FIFA 23’s TOTW will be paused.

The TOTW is an important aspect of FIFA 23, with the inform items being an integral part of FUT Champions rewards as both regular TOTW items and as Red Player Picks.

However, with the World Cup forcing domestic leagues to pause, there will be quite a few big changes to FUT Champions rewards!

What Happens to FIFA 23 TOTW During the World Cup?

TOTW 9 will be the last TOTW in FIFA 23 until after the World Cup. This is because no top domestic leagues will occur throughout the global tournament.

TOTW will resume when the domestic leagues return. However, no official date has been confirmed for the return of TOTW.

TOTW 10 will likely be released on 30 December 2022 or 4 January 2023. TOTW returning in January would make more sense seeing as a TOTW released on 30 December would only contain two of the top five European leagues.

Will There Be Any TOTW Items in Packs Throughout the World Cup?

While there will be no TOTW, there may still be chances to pack TOTW items in FIFA 23. A “Best Of TOTW” is likely to come as part of FIFA 23’s Black Friday campaign.

As some SBCs require TOTW items too, we could see the return of the 80+ TOTW repeatable SBC as well.

This means that even though there is no active TOTW, there could still be ways you can pack inform items!

FIFA 23 World Cup Players

What Happens to FUT Champs Red Player Picks During the World Cup?

There will be no FUT Champs Red Player Picks while the World Cup is on. Minimum OVR Packs and Player Picks will be replacing the rewards that contain TOTW items or FUT Champions players.

No information has been released on what the min. OVR of these rewards will be.

Will FIFA 23 Promo Cards be in FUT Champs Rewards During the World Cup?

Yes. While rewards will not guarantee a promo item, the minimum OVR Packs and Player Picks will mean it is possible to get a promo item from FUT Champs rewards.

Make sure you check out our FIFA 23 World Cup Promo schedule, so you know which promo items you can expect to be in your rewards!

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