The FIFA 23 Team of the Season release dates have been revealed and this years event appears to give more power to the players in selecting who makes the team.

The FIFA TOTS squads are promo releases that feature the best in-real-life performers from across all the top leagues in the world. These items receive significant upgrades making them the best in the game.

When Does FIFA 23 Team of the Season (TOTS) Start?

According to Insider Gaming, there will be voting for a ton of FIFA 23’s major league Team of the Season squads. In previous titles, players have only been able to vote for Community and Bundesliga TOTS.

As suggested by the leaks, the following dates have been assigned for Team of the Season voting:

  • Community TOTS – April 10, 2023
  • Premier League TOTS – April 17, 2023
  • Unknown (Likely Ligue 1 or Serie A TOTS) – April 21, 2023
  • Bundesliga TOTS – April 25, 2023
  • La Liga TOTS – May 2, 2023
  • Unknown (Likely Ligue 1 or Serie A TOTS) – May 5, 2023

Based on the above dates, we expect the Team of the Season promotion to begin on April 28, 2023 with the Premier League kicking off the event.

In FIFA 22, the first Team of the Season squad released 12 days after voting started. Seeing as FIFA promos have all been released on a Friday, this date is the most likely day for this event to start.

Vini JR running in FIFA 23

If the voting dates are accurate, although they may be subject to change, then this would signify a major change to the TOTS scheduling.

Since FIFA 12, the Community TOTS has been the first Team of the Season to release during the promo but according to these leaked dates, it has been switched for England’s top division.

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How Many TOTS Squads Will There Be In FIFA 23?

In FIFA 23 there will likely be a total of 16 promotional squads releasing throughout this major event. This will include seven major league TOTS squads and nine minor TOTS teams, however, EA Sports FIFA could add more.

  • Major Team of the Season Releases
    • Community Team of the Season
    • Premier League Team of the Season
    • Serie A Team of the Season
    • Bundesliga Team of the Season
    • La Liga Team of the Season
    • Ligue 1 Team of the Season
    • Ultimate Team of the Season
Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 23
  • Minor Team of the Season Releases
    • EFL Team of the Season – Championship, League One & League Two
    • Eredivisie Team of the Season
    • Saudi Professional League Team of the Season
    • Liga NOS Team of the Season
    • Turkish Süper Lig Team of the Season
    • Belgian Pro League Team of the Season
    • Rest of the World Team of the Season
    • MLS Team of the Season
    • CONMEBOL Team of the Season

FIFA 23 Team of the Season Squad Schedule

Taking into account the current information circling around for FIFA 23 and based off previous years releases there is a plausble way to predict the possible scheduling.

Based on the voting periods, the major TOTS squads will likely release in the order of their voting dates.

Meanwhile, in the last FIFA title, the minor TOTS squads were released mostly on Saturday or Sunday across the event.

Minor TOTSRelease Date
EredivisieFriday, April 29 2022
EFLSunday, May 8 2022
Saudi Pro LeagueSunday, May 15
Liga NOSSunday, May 22 2022
Süper LigSaturday May 28 2022
Belgium Pro LeagueSunday, May 29 2022
Rest of WorldSaturday, June 4 2022
MLSSunday, June 5 2022
CONMEBOLSunday, June 12 2022

However, as seen with the Premier League TOTS coming first rather than the community EA Sports FIFA could always switch up their release pattern.

Here is the full predicted scheduling for each TOTS squad, which we will update when information becomes confirmed:

Team of the Season SquadExpected Release Date
Premier LeagueApril 28, 2023
EFL April 30, 2023
Serie AMay 5, 2023
EredivisieMay 7, 2023
BundesligaMay 12, 2023
Saudi Pro LeagueMay 14, 2023
Community May 19, 2023
Turkish Süper Lig May 20, 2023
Belgian Pro LeagueMay 21, 2023
La LigaMay 26, 2023
Liga NOSMay 28, 2023
Ligue 1June 2, 2023
Rest of the WorldJune 3, 2023
MLSJune 4, 2023
Ultimate June 9, 2023
CONMEBOLJune 11, 2023

As for now, FIFA 23 players will need to wait until the developers officially confirm the release of the Team of the Season.

Until then, you can check out what players you may expect from FIFA 23’s FUT Birthday Team 2 squad!

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