Abdou Diallo has received a Showdown item via SBC in FIFA 23.

Diallo has received a boosted item to mark the upcoming Netherlands vs Senegal match at the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022. He has been boosted from 77 to 85!

These Showdown cards are also eligible for a one-time upgrade.

Here is the cheapest way to complete the Diallo SBC.

Cheapest FIFA 23 Showdown Abdou Diallo SBC Solution

To complete this SBC, you will need some high-rated players. This Showdown Diallo will cost you around 30,000 coins.

This SBC will need the following ratings and we have provided guides to the cheapest players for each overall.

If you have untradeable players in your club, this SBC will cost you fewer coins.

It is also worth noting that there is no chemistry required, so players can be placed in any position.

Abdou Diallo

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 TOTW item in Starting 11
    • Min. 1 86 or Higher OVR Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 84 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Cost: 31,100 coins
Lemar83850Atletico MadridFrance
Canales842,800Real BetisSpain
Maddison (TOTW)8614,800Leicester CityEngland
Kobel83850Borussia DortmundSwitzerland
Luis Alberto83850LatiumSpain
Ricardo Pereira83850Leicester CityPortugal
FIFA 23 Showdown Diallo SBC Solution

Of course, if you have players in your club, you will be able to use those instead. Follow this guide to create an 84-rated squad.

Showdown Abdou Diallo Stats & acceleRATE

ClubRB Leipzig
Positions (Alternate Positions)CB
acceleRATE TypeControlled
FIFA 23 Diallo Showdown Stats

Is Showdown Abdou Diallo Meta?

Abdou Diallo is on the lower end of the meta players but he certainly fits the bill. High pace, great passing, strong defensive stats, and high physical attributes make for a great defender.

With the lengthy meta seemingly over, having defenders with high agility could be a great counter to those explosive wingers.

Is the FIFA 23 Showdown Diallo SBC Worth It?

At just 30,000 coins, Abdou Diallo is definitely worth the coins. If he does get that +2 upgrade, he will be an incredible defender in FIFA 23!

Path to Glory Team 2 has been released and there are some great links to Showdown Diallo!

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