FIFA 23 players have found a glitch in Pro Clubs where they can level up their player to the max level in only one hour.

Pro Clubs is an online mode that allows you to create your very own Virtual Pro and take to the pitch to play with friends and level up your player.

As you play matches, your pro will grow their attributes depending on how your match went, and you’ll also earn skill points to spend on traits.

Usually, gamers need to spend hours playing matches and level up their Virtual Pro to reach the highest overall stats. But this glitch allows your Virtual Pro to reach max level within only a few hours.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Level 100 Glitch – Reach Max Level

To use the Pro Clubs Level 100 glitch, you need to:

  • From the Main Menu, select the option “Pro Clubs x Volta Football”
  • Now, select “Volta Football”
  • From here, you’ll need to select “Play Volta Squads”
Volta Squads Menu FIFA 23
  • Wait for the game to find players and put you in a match.
  • Once a player kicks the ball for the first time, leave the match instantly.
    • You can leave the game by entering the pause screen and selecting “End Match”
FIFA 23 Leave Match
  • Now you should see your progress bar increasing by a large margin.

Continue to do this, and you can easily reach the max level of 100 within the hour in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. Usually, players would need to play over 500 full-length games to reach this level.

This is an unethical way of boosting your level, and we hope that by writing this article we are raising awareness of this issue for EA to fix.

In FIFA 23, level progression rewards you with skill points. This means you won’t risk losing out on any skill points by using this method.

This may be a bit of consolation for gamers that are upset Pro Clubs and other co-op modes in FIFA 23 do not feature cross-play.

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