If you’re anxious to start up FIFA 23 as soon as it goes live, then you’ll want to preload it to your platform so avoid having to wait any longer than you should.

When you pre load a game, you’re able to load up all the files and downloads prior to the game actually going live.

This means that when it does unlock, you can jump straight into the game without needing to wait for any longer downloads.

Here is when you can start downloading FIFA 23 to ensure that you are one of the first to jump into Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Juventus

FIFA 23 Pre Load Times & Dates on All Platforms

PS5 & PS4 Pre-Load Times

Pre-load for FIFA 23 on PlayStation is expected to go live on September 24 at:

  • PT: 9 PM

and September 25 for the following time zones:

  • ET: 12 AM
  • BST: 5 AM
  • CET: 6 AM

This is when PSN players will be able to log into their accounts and begin downloading FIFA 23 ahead of its release a few days later.

Those that pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will actually be able to gain early access. This means that game will go live earlier, and you’ll be able to see what’s new in this year’s FIFA Ultimate Team.

Xbox Pre-Load Times

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players can already pre-load FIFA 23 to the console, to be prepared for when the game unlocks to play.

The pre-load went live earlier this month, which is surprising since most of the time, a pre-load will only be available the same week the game releases.

Some players were able to obtain early access during this pre-load and catch a glimpse at the 101 Top Rated Players in FIFA 23.

PC Pre-Load Times

PC players will be able to begin their pre-load of FIFA 23 on September 21, 2022, either on Origin or Steam at:

  • PT: 10 AM
  • ET: 1 PM
  • BST: 6 PM
  • CET: 7 PM

FIFA 23 promises to really change up the FIFA Ultimate Team formula with a completely revamped chemistry mechanic.

It’ll change how players organize their teams in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

FIFA 23 Preload Countdown

Xbox One/Xbox Series X|SLIVE

How to Preload FIFA 23 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

Here are all the steps you need to pre-load FIFA 23 on your platform:

  • PC
    • Head to the FIFA 23 application from the EA App or Steam-
    • Pre-order if you haven’t already.
    • Once the pre-load is live, you will see “Download,” where the pre-order button used to be.
    • Interact with the “Download” option, and it will begin downloading an encrypted file of the game.
    • Once the game launches, this file will unlock, and you’ll be able to start playing your game right away!
  • PS4/PS5
    • Head to the PlayStation Store and search for FIFA 23.
    • Pre-order if you haven’t already.
    • Once you have pre-ordered. you’ll now see a timer on the product page.
    • interact with this timer, and you’ll be able to see a check box next to FIFA 23.
    • Make sure that is checked, and FIFA 23 will automatically start to download when the pre-load goes live.
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S
    • Head to the FIFA 23 product page.
    • Pre-order FIFA 23.
    • Once you pre-order it, you will get the option to begin downloading the game already.
      • This will not allow you to play it. FIFA 23 will remain locked until its release date
    • Interact with “Download” and wait for your download to finish.
    • Once FIFA 23 is released, you’ll be able to play without needing to download any of the base games.

Keep in mind that there can potentially be day one patches that you may need to download.

These patches can download in the background, but you won’t be able to use online features until your game is up to date with the latest build.