A Reddit post by user “UtopianInterdiction” has gained a lot of traction as FUT players make their feelings known about the new Season 4 rewards.

One of the major issues players have is that they feel each new season of FUT is a copy and paste of the last.

Furthermore, it seems this sentiment is shared by an overwhelming majority of FIFA 23 players. Many Ultimate Team users believe they are not worth playing for.

The items you can earn in Season 4 include badges, tifos, and packs which are nearly the same as Season 3.

One of the only differences this time is that a Future Stars Florian Balogun is available at Level 30. Although, even this has not gone down well.

This point of view is echoed by gamers who believe that this item should have had a bigger overall increase so that by the time you get him, he would be more suited for the meta.

FUT Season 3 Balogun

Other players believe that EA Sports FIFA is putting minimum effort into the rewards and that they are actually getting worse each season.

Another point of concern for gamers is that the tifos and badges are rehashes of graphics already in the game. They feel that EA is simply being lazy and that nobody cares about the cosmetic rewards.


The level of rewards is currently not exciting players to hop into the game and grind toward level 30. From these reactions it is clear players want a change.

Some commenters have suggested ideas that could make these seasonal items more appealing to the player base.

This player suggested that each season could have a theme and that historical kits can be used as rewards.

While another has asked for the level 15 milestone player reward to be added back.

One player has even suggested adding a pack that can contain one of the many promo players released across FUT 23.

Hopefully, EA Sports FIFA can take on this criticism and reward players fairly for their season progress. However, the Season 4 rewards are not the only problems players have had with the game.

A ton of FUT users missed out on their Season 4 milestone rewards due to a problem with Division Rivals. While another player was hard-done by a strange FIFA 23 glitch!

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