Love them or loathe them, FIFA Points have become an integral part of the FIFA Ultimate Team experience, but a decision to increase their price has left many frustrated.

FIFA Points are a way for players to spend money to potentially obtain the best players in the game as quickly as possible. They also allow the transfer market to become more populated with items.

However, in multiple regions, EA Sports have significantly hiked up the prices of this in-game currency, and this change has not gone down well with the community. Although it has not affected every console.

Why Did EA Sports Increase Cost of FIFA Points?

The FIFA 23 developers have justified their increase as a way to balance prices across their content. They say while prices may increase in some places, they will be reduced in others. This is all due to “significant changes in currency valuation”.

“Starting June 1, 2023 some regions on / EA App will see recommended retail price increases for FIFA Points for EA SPORTS FIFA 23, while others will experience price reductions when these updated prices go into effect.”

Chloe Kelly in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Community Unhappy With FIFA Points Price Hike

The reaction to the price increase was first sparked by FIFA 23 content creator AJ3, who tweeted that 12,000 FIFA Points had gone from £79.99 without EA Play to £87.99.

Not only did the largest pack experience a surge in price, but most bundles will also require players to spend additional money.

FIFA PointsPrevious PriceNew Price
FIFA Point prices excluding 10% EA Play discount

This news did not go down well with the FIFA 23 community. Several players were left disheartened and angry at the change.

One Twitter user left his thoughts known using a simple one-word answer.

Meanwhile, another user described the change as “vile.”

There is also a viewpoint held by some that instead of raising the prices, they should have been lowered. These individuals argue that the value of FIFA Points diminishes significantly as the game’s cycle progresses.

The surge in pricing for this virtual currency appears to vary across different regions. Specifically, FIFA 23 players in Australia are experiencing a significantly bigger price increase than in other areas.

Previously, 12,000 FIFA Points would set a player back AU$120, but they have now gone up by AU$30.

It also comes when the next Team of the Season squad is set to release. The Serie A TOTS is on the way, and players will undoubtedly want to get their hands on those items.

However, the price change may put them off purchasing points.

Additionally, players from New Zealand have also been affected by the increase. They have experienced a rise of NZ$12 to the most significant point bundle available.

fifa points increase in New Zealand
Credit: DavisPlayzz

FIFA Point Increase Does Not Affect Xbox

Surprisingly, the pricing of FIFA Points has remained unchanged on Xbox consoles, while PlayStation and PC players have been affected by this alteration.

Notably, the increase in FIFA Point prices was introduced on PC a week before its implementation for PlayStation users.

Although this adjustment seems to impact these two consoles exclusively, it would not be unexpected to witness a price hike for Xbox shortly. After all, it would be somewhat unjust to maintain lower prices for a specific console while raising them for others.

If you are on Xbox and want to open packs for TOTS this weekend, we suggest purchasing them before any potential price change.

The Serie A TOTS is not the only squad arriving, as the Liga Portugal Team of the Season will also be available in packs.

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