FIFA 23 players called for EA Sports FIFA to change the system when a player disconnects while drawing.

Currently, you are not awarded the victory if the game is tied and the opposing player leaves or loses connection.

A Reddit post by the user “Throwawayhaon” has gained a lot of traction over the last few days. In the comments, many people agree you should get the win if your opponent leaves the game, no matter the score.

If, after 90 minutes, your game is still a draw and the opponent disconnects, you won’t be declared the winner. This makes that match you’ve played a complete waste of time.

This has been a controversial issue across many FIFA titles, but now players have become more frustrated.

One of the only ways to prevent this from happening to you is to learn the best mechanics to win games. If you are winning a game, your opponent quitting will not affect the result.

Knowing how to power shot cancel in FIFA 23 will help you score more goals! It is also one of the many features pro-FIFA players use consistently in their games.

FIFA 23 quit game while drawing

Why Don’t You Get the Win if Game Disconnects as a Draw in FIFA 23?

The system currently in place is there to prevent people from abusing the mechanic. In the past, this has been exploited to gain easy wins and collect a large number of coins.

These were the main problems EA Sports FIFA would encounter when you would get the win if the game disconnected as a draw.

However, with a better policing and ban system, this could return later down the line. Although for now, it does not seem to be coming anytime soon.

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