Mario Gotze has received a Player Moments item via an SBC in FIFA 23!

This item is to mark his famous winner against Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil. His goal brought the World Cup back to Germany!

The Germany attacker has been boosted from 81 overall to 87 overall and has received massive boosts in shooting and pace.

Here is the cheapest way to complete the Gotze SBC!

Cheapest FIFA 23 Moments Gotze SBC Solution

This SBC will require quite a few high-rated players. It will cost around 41,000 coins to complete this SBC item.

You will need the following overalls and we have provided guides to the cheapest players for each rating below.

This SBC does not require chemistry so you can place players in any position. Also if you have a club stocked with players, this SBC will be much cheaper.


  • Requirements
    • Min. 1 German Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 1 85 and Higher OVR Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 83 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Gold Pack
  • Cost: 14,250 coins
PlayerRatingCostClub Nation
Mancini81500Roma FCItaly
Kobel83850Borussia DortmundSwitzerland
Felipe81500Atletico MadridBrazil
Asensio83850Real MadridSpain
David Silva83850Real SociedadSpain
Reus857,200Borussia DortmundGermany
Hojbjerg83850Tottenham HotspurDenmark
FIFA 23 Gotze SBC solution 1

If you wish to create your own solution, you can do so by following our SBC squad rating guide!


  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Bundesliga Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 84 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Premium Gold Pack
  • Cost: 27,000 coins
Romero83850Tottenham HotspurArgentina
Merino83850Real SociedadSpain
Dzeko842,600Inter MilanBosnia & Herzegovina
Sommer857,000Borussia M’GladbachSwitzerland
Gimenez83850Atletico MadridUruguay
Schmeichel83850OGC NiceDenmark
Lemar83850Atletico MadridFrance
FIFA 23 Gotze SBC solution 2

And of course, if you are looking to make your own squad, use this SBC rating guide to come up with your own solution!

FIFA 23 Moments Mario Gotze Stats & acceleRATE

ClubEintracht Frankfurt
Positions (Alternate Positions)CAM (CM, ST)
acceleRATE TypeControlled
Work Rates (Attacking/Defensive)Medium/Medium
Weak Foot4 Stars
Skill Moves4 Stars
FIFA 23 Gotze SBC Stats

Is Moments Gotze Meta?

Yes, Moments Gotze is certainly a meta item. He has high passing and excellent dribbling across the board.

He has even been boosted to 95 volleys in tribute to his 2014 World Cup Final volley which won Germany the World Cup.

We recommend sticking an Engine chemistry style on Gotze as this will boost that pace up as well as changing him to the Explosive acceleRATE type.

You can also give him the Maestro chemistry style if you would rather boost his reactions and shooting from distance.

Is the FIFA 23 Moments Gotze SBC Worth Completing?

Yes, for just 41,000 coins you will be getting one of the best CAMs in the Bundesliga. World Cup Phenoms Reyna is available for just 14,000 coins but Gotze has much better shooting and a better weak foot.

The World Cup Team of the Tournament squad is out! Unfortunately, there aren’t many decent German or Bundesliga links to Gotze!

However, we could see some nice Bundesliga players come as part of the upcoming Winter Wildcards promo in FIFA 23!

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