A Ones to Watch Richarlison item has been made available as an in-game objective in FIFA 23.

The Brazilian has received an Ones to Watch item to mark his £60 million transfer from Everton to Tottenham Hotspur in the summer.

SBCs and Objective OTW items are not transferable. However, the vast majority of OTW cards are.

This gives them an added value as once the SBC or Objective expires and you have not completed it, you will not be able to get the item at a later date.

Here’s how you can earn an untradeable OTW Richarlison.

How to Get OTW Richarlison in FUT 23

Richarlison OTW can be earned in the limited time Live FUT Friendly mode Continental Links.

The requirements for your squad in this mode are:

  • Premier League Players: Min. 3 in your Starting 11
  • Loan Players: Max. 1
Continental Links Friendly mode

OTW Richarlison Objectives

The Richarlison objective will be available in FIFA 23 until 7 October 2022 at 6pm BST.

The Richarlison Ones to Watch objective expires in:

Steady Finisher

Score using Premier League players in 12 seperate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.

Welcome to North London

Assist 2 goals with Crosses using Premier League players in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.

Tip: Using Tall Premier League strikers and using Premier League wingers with high crossing will help you complete the first two objectives easier!

Finesse Masterclass

Score 5 Finesse goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.

Tip: Look for players with the Finesse shot trait to help you complete this objective quicker!

Winners Circle

Win 6 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Continental Links.

Richarlison OTW Objectives

Once you have earned the OTW Richarlison, you will want to know when he gets an upgrade! Keep checking our OTW Upgrade Tracker to keep an eye on the Brazilian’s potential boosts.

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