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FIFA 23 4-2-2-2 Best Custom Tactics & Instructions for FUT Champs

A pro FIFA player has shared a new meta formation in FIFA 23 that they will use in the FUT Champs Weekend League.

The FUT Champs Weekend League is the most competitive mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Players will need every advantage they can gain, whether it is using the meta players or setting up in the best formations.

The 5-1-2-2 formation has already been discovered to be a part of the FIFA 23 meta, and this pro believes this new formation can counter it.

This new meta formation is the 4-2-2-2, and here are the best custom tactics!

Best 4-2-2-2 Custom Tactics in FIFA 23

CareyFIFA, the same pro player who discovered the 5-1-2-2 meta custom tactics, has discovered a counter to it.

The 4-2-2-2 features a solid midfield of two defensive midfielders who can anchor in the middle of the pitch while the two strikers and centre attacking midfielders can roam forward.

4-2-2-2 Custom Tactics

  • Defense
    • Defense Style: Balanced
    • Width: 45
    • Depth: 65
  • Offence
    • Build Up Play: Balanced
    • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
    • Width: 50
    • Players in Box: 4
    • Corners: 1
    • Free Kicks: 1

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4222 Meta Formation FIFA 23


GK• Default
RB/LB• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Stick to Position (Default)
• Mixed Attack (Default)
CB• Default
Right CDM/Left CDM• Balance Defence (Default)
• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Cover Center
• Stick to Position (Default)
Right CAM/Left CAM• Basic Defence Support (Default)
• Get Into The Box For Crosses
• Stick To Position (Default)
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
Right ST/Left ST• Stay Central
• Get In Behind
• Stay Forward
• Normal Interceptions (Default)

Despite this formation not having wingers, the two outside CAMs will play on the wing. Make sure that your wide CAMs are fast enough to play out wide!

You will also need to know the best meta players in FIFA 23 to make these tactics work as efficient as possible:

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