The low-driven shot mechanic was removed from FIFA 23, but a new way to perform it has been found.

The low-driven shot has long been one of the most effective ways to score in FIFA. However, the original way to execute it is no longer in the game.

This new way to do the low driven is extremely simple and will be sure to score you lots of goals!

Player running at goal in FIFA 23

How to Do Low Driven Shots in FIFA 23

The low-driven shot is performed by simply tapping the shoot button (O on PS / B on Xbox) while running at the goal. By tapping the shoot button, there will be minimal power on the shot, meaning it will roll on the ground.

Despite barely adding any power, these shots still seem to beat the goalkeeper easily.

Combining this with FIFA 23’s Timed Finishing will definitely improve your chances of scoring goals.

When to Use Low Driven Shots in FIFA 23

The best time to use low-driven shots in FIFA 23 is when you are inside the opponent’s box. Due to the lack of power, these shots will not be effective from a long distance.

You will want to use these shots in this general area of the box:

FIFA 23 Low Driven Shot Area

By using this shot type in this area, you will increase your chances of scoring.

This new way to score will add a new meta-shot type to your FIFA 23 gameplay. Being able to perform a multitude of shot types will help you in different scenarios.

The Trivela Shot in FIFA 23 is currently one of the best ways to score but this new low-driven shot may be the next best thing.

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