Since the launch of FIFA 23, Lengthy players have been at the heart of the discussion when it came to the game’s meta!

FIFA 23’s new Hypermotion 2 Technology brought a new but very important feature, acceleRATE types into the game on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. There are three different types of acceleRATEs, with each one making players run quicker at differing points of their movement.

Early on in the FIFA 23 game cycle, players discovered those with the Lengthy acceleRATE were outrunning players who had more pace than them.

However, this is no longer the case.

FIFA 23 Lengthy vs Explosive Meta

Lengthy Players Are No Longer Meta in FIFA 23

Since the latest FIFA 23 patch, it looks like Lengthy is no longer part of the FIFA 23 meta.

Originally, many players thought the latest patch notes for Title Update 4 reference these new changes to acceleRATE types on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The patch notes mention that the latest update has addressed an issue where “in some cases, players could incorrectly slow down when attempting to dribble with the ball.”

However, @EAFIFADirect has confirmed that AcceleRATE values are unimpacted by this change, so there doesn’t appear to be any reference to AcceleRATE types changing in the latest update.

That being said, new video evidence has come out showing new differences between acceleRATE types on current-gen platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X & PC).

A Twitter thread by FIFA player, IamFrench, showcased scenarios of players with different acceleRATE types.

In this first video, we see Lorenzo Insigne blitz past Virgil van Dijk with ease. In the past, van Dijk would have had no problem closing down the space between him and Insigne.

This highlights that explosive players are now much quicker in creating distance in open space between opposition defenders.

These next two videos showcase a Controlled player versus a Lengthy player and an Explosive player versus a Lengthy player who have similar pace.

The Controlled player in the first video is able to break away with ease. Previously, the Lengthy defender would have caught up to the attacker in this situation.

The second video is the most interesting. Kyle Walker and Neymar are both similar in pace, yet it seems the Explosive player is again able to keep in front of the Lengthy player.

What is the New FIFA 23 Meta?

Based on these videos and the latest patch notes, it appears that the new meta in FIFA 23 is to have Explosive players! Explosive players seem to be able to create distance between themselves and the opposition, which they could do before, but now they are able to maintain it.

It’s important to note that the new acceleRATE types are only available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Therefore, this meta only applies to those platforms.

A change of the FIFA 23 meta makes sense from EA Sports since more special items are coming out and stats are being increased more, so fewer players will be lengthy.

The latest FIFA 23 update has also nerfed the Trivela shots, but they are still extremely powerful! Make sure you know how to use the outside of the boot shot in FIFA 23.

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