The FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps has arrived and this token tracker will help you keep up to date with every token released:

TokenPlayerHow to Get TokenIs it Still Active?
1ReidLog into FUT Yes
2KaneAvailable by completing TOTY Challenge 1 SBC No.
3RoseAvailable in New Year Cheer Pack (80,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points)No.
4SmithAvailable by completing TOTY Challenge 2 SBC No.
5GaffneyWin a match in the Live FUT Friendly: Homegrown ElevenNo
6Sho-SilvaComplete the First Owner Fiesta ObjectiveNo
7Jin Seong WookComplete Silver Stars ObjectiveNo
8MajrashiComplete Silver Stars ObjectiveNo
9WilliamsFUT Future Stars Token Pack in Moments (20 Stars)Yes. Pack expires in:
10FengerAvailable in Feyenoord vs PSV – Marquee MatchupsNo
11Al SahliAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 1No
12SinclairAvailable in Future Stars Cornerstone Pack (75,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points)
13MarchAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 2 SBCNo.
14AgyeiScore 4 goals using Danish players in Squad Battles on min. Semi-pro difficulty (or Rivals)Yes. Expires in:
15HarperAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 3 SBCNo.
16Hong Si HooAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 4 SBCNo.
Win a match in the Live FUT Friendly: Homegrown Eleven

18AmmitzbollComplete the First Owner Fiesta ObjectiveNo.
19FurrerComplete Silver Stars ObjectiveYes. Objective expires:
20SyllaComplete Silver Stars Objective
Yes. Objective expires:
21BundgaardAvailable in RB Leipzig vs Union Berlin (Marquee Matchups SBC)Yes. Objective expires:
22KehlAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 5 SBCYes. SBC expires in:
23ToureAvailable in Future Stars Foundations Pack (75,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points)Yes. Pack expires in:
24Chen PuComplete the Future Star Academy Upgrade SBC 1 time.Yes. Expires in:
25Assibey-MensahAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 6 SBCYes. SBC expires in:
26StreetAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 7 SBCYes. SBC expires in:
27UmerahScore 4 goals using Italian players in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals).Yes. Expires in:
28Ivan RomeroAvailable in Future Stars Challenge 8 SBCYes. SBC expires in:
29WoodComplete the First Owner Fiesta ObjectiveYes. Objective expires:
30DuinComplete the First Owner Fiesta ObjectiveYes. Objective expires:

Make sure to check out all the high-value rewards you can earn by swapping in your FIFA 23 Future Stars Swap tokens!

How to Get FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Tokens

To get Future Stars Swaps tokens, you will need to complete a range of SBCs and Objectives which will release in FIFA 23. All the SBCs and Objectives with tokens have been listed above.

Once you have completed an SBC containing the token, you will instantly receive it in your club. If you complete an Objective for a token, you will need to go to the “Objectives tab in FIFA Ultimate Team to claim it.

SBCs for tokens will require you to complete various puzzle-based challenges but also one token may be obtained through Marquee Matchups which refresh every Thursday.

Tokens earned through Objectives will be fairly simple. You will only have to play or win games.

You will be required to play in Live FUT Friendlies to complete some of these challenges and it is expected that a specific friendly mode for Future Stars will be added.

Here is what the Future Stars Swaps token looks like so you know when you obtain one:

FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps token

How Many Future Stars Swaps Tokens Are There?

There are a base total of 30 Future Stars Swaps tokens that will become available to earn. Additionally, bonus tokens will become available by purchasing a FUT Store pack.

One token can already be obtained in the “New Year Cheer Pack”. This pack is 80,000 coins or 500 FIFA points

The Future Stars event is one of the fan favorites in FIFA, so make sure you check out the players that could be included as part of the FIFA 23 Future Stars promotion. Some of these players would make for exciting items!

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