The highly anticipated FUTTIES event has always held a special place in the hearts of FIFA fans, but FIFA 23’s Team 1 has not hit the ground running.

Traditionally, FUTTIES has been synonymous with packs filled with high-rated players and the release of top-tier affordable SBCs, providing a memorable experience even as Ultimate Team nears the end of its annual cycle.

However, FIFA 23 players believe FUTTIES Team 1 has been “ruined” due to what they perceive as a “greedy” move by the developers, with certain players being placed in packs.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 1 Ruined By EA Sports

Players have united to express their collective disappointment with FIFA 23’s FUTTIES Team 1, agreeing it has been ruined.

The focal point of the frustration revolves around EA Sports’ decision to introduce six FUTTIES players into packs. This marks the first time they have done so since FIFA 16.

Most of this debate has sparked from an immensely popular Reddit post, which has ignited a heated discussion, amassing more than 250 comments.

In previous iterations of this promo, high-tier items like 99 FUTTIES Ronaldo would have been obtainable through Squad Building Challenges.

Players fear there is a possibility of not receiving high-level SBCs this year, concerned that the developers may include FUTTIES items like Messi and Neymar in packs instead.

Many feel this is just an obvious cash grab from EA Sports as they deviate away from a concept that has been highly successful in past games.

While this Reddit user believes EA have lost touch with their players.

Another big problem players seem to have is the FUTTIES Best of Batch 1 squad. This team contains over 100 special items and are accessible in any pack.

The players available are well behind the FIFA 23 power curve, and even as SBC fodder, they are not high enough rated.

From the reaction this Reddit post has got, it does appear that EA Sports have got this promotion wrong.

However, seeing as FUTTIES usually lasts for up to five weeks, there is plenty of time for them to try to turn this around and end FIFA 23 on a high note.

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