Everyone participating in FIFA 23 FUT Champions Finals receives at least one untradable red player pick as a reward!

These items change weekly, and the higher you rank, the better your rewards. As always, FUT Champions is the most competitive mode in all of FIFA 23.

So it makes sense that the rewards and player picks are some of the best in all of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 FUT Champs Red Player Picks This Week

This will be the last Weekend League with TOTW Red Player Picks until the World Cup break ends. After these picks, the Weekend League rewards will be replaced with Min. OVR packs and Player Picks.
PlayerPositionRatingNation (Club)
Toni KroosCM90Germany (Real Madrid)
Jonas HofmannCAM86Germany (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
Martin OdegaardCM86Norway (Arsenal)
Edin DzekoST86Bosnia and Herzegovina (Inter Milan)
Moise KeaneST86Italy (Juventus)
Geronimo RulliGK84Argentina (Villareal)
Edmond TapsobaCB84Burkina Faso (Bayer Leverkusen)
Jesper LindstrømLM84Denmark (Eintracht Frankfurt)
Darwin NunezLW84Uruguay (Liverpool)
OtavioRM84Portugal (Porto)
Lovro MajerCM83Croatia (Stade Rennais)
Nuno MendesLB83Portugal (PSG)
Mohamed SimakanRB82France (RB Leipzig)
Tiago DjaloCB81Portugal (LOSC Lille)
Mislav OrsicLM81Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb)
Kerem ArkturkogluLM81Turkey (Galatasaray)
Ivan ToneyST81England (Brentford)
Zian FlemmingCAM79Netherlands (Millwall)
Zinho GanoST78Guinea-Bissau (Zulte Waregem)
Georges MikautadzeST77Georgia (FC Mets)
Aiyegun TosinST77Benin (FC Zurich)
Emmanuel Latte LathST75Ivory Coast (FC ST Gallen)
Red Player Picks 11_18

These red player picks will be available during the following times:

Weekend League Start TimeNovember 18, 2022 Midnight PT / 3am ET / 8am BST.
Weekend League End TimeNovember 21, 2022 Midnight PT / 3am ET / 8am BST.

You can look at the full calendar year schedule for FIFA 23 FUT Champions Finals here.

How Do FUT Champions Red Player Picks Work?

FUT Champions Red Player Picks are inform players from the current TOTW squad. Player Picks allow you to choose from a random selection of TOTW gold players, once you have completed your FUT Champs Finals games.

This reward is unique to FUT Champions Finals, and any player that enters is guaranteed to earn at least one untradeable red player pick if they achieve at least one rank.

These player picks will allow you to choose from one of the current TOTW cards but in a special card design exclusive to FUT Champs Finals. The more wins you get in weekend league, the more player picks you will have to choose from.

How Do You Get FUT Champs Red Player Picks in FIFA 23?

To earn a FUT Champs Player Pick, you’ll need to qualify for FUT Champions Finals and earn at least Rank X rewards.

Higher ranks will reward players with multiple player picks and more choices. Here’s how many red FUT Champions players you can earn from each rank:

FUT Champs RankFUT Champs Player Pick Rewards
Rank X (10)1 of 3 Player Pick x1
Rank IX (9)1 of 3 Player Pick x 1
Rank VIII (8)1 of 3 Player Picks x 2
Rank VII (7)1 of 4 Player Picks x 2
Rank VI (6)1 of 4 Player Picks x 2
Rank V (5)1 of 5 Player Picks x 3
Rank IV (4)1 of 5 Player Picks x 3
Rank III (3)1 of 5 Player Picks x 3
Rank II (2)1 of 5 Player Picks x 3
Rank I (1)1 of 5 Player Picks x 3
FIFA 23 FUT Champions Red Player Pick Rewards for each rank.

If you also want to see the packs and coins you can earn from each rank, take a look at the full list of FIFA 23 FUT Champs Rewards here.

Can You Sell Red Player Picks?

No, Red Player Picks are untradeable and cannot be sold for any coins.

Can You Save Red Player Picks for the Next TOTW?

No, FUT Champs Player Picks are locked to the TOTW you earned them.

You can open them at anytime, but the pool of players for your Red Player Pick will still be the same as the TOTW that was active when you earned them.

For example, if you were to earn a FUT Champs Red Player Pick this weekend and you saved it for three weeks, the players available to you would still be the same ones shown today and not the new TOTW players.

Do FUT Champs Cards Get Upgraded?

No, FUT Champions Red Player Picks do not get upgraded in FIFA 23. They are already inform cards and will stay at the same rating as when you receive them.

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