Here is everything you need to know about how matchmaking works in FIFA 23 FUT Champions.

Matchmaking in FIFA 23 FUT Champions will decide who your opponents will be for the FUT Champions Play-Offs and Finals.

Once you understand how Form works, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect going into FUT Champions.

How Does Matchmaking Work in FIFA 23 FUT Champs?

Matchmaking in FIFA 23 FUT Champions matches you against players based on two different things:

  • Location
  • Current Form in Play-Offs & Finals
    • Form helps FIFA 23 decide what players to match you up against. Usually, FIFA 23 will try to find players with a similar Current Form as yourself.
    • Current Form does not relate to Division Rivals or Squad Battles. The only modes that it considers are FUT Champs Play-Offs and FUT Champs Finals.

How Your Form in FIFA 23 FUT Champions is Decided

Form is a record of all the matches that you’ve played in Play-Offs and Finals for the current FUT Champions competition. In FUT Champs, you will play opponents who have a similar Form to you.

Here is how Form works in FIFA 23:

  • Every time you start a new FUT Champions run, your Form will start at zero. Form does not carry over from the Play-Offs to the Finals, nor does it carry over from the previous Weekend League; it will reset to 0 each time.
  • Win = +1 to Form.
  • Loss = -1 to Form.

Is There a Limit to Form in FUT Champions?

  • In FUT Champions Play-Offs, Form can be as high as +8 or as low as -8.
  • In FUT Champions Finals, Form can be as high as +15 or as low as -15.

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Is There Cross-Play Matchmaking in FUT Champions?

Yes, there is cross-play matchmaking in FUT Champions but only for platforms of the same generation.

This means:

  • PS4/Xbox One = Cross-play compatible
  • PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PC/Stadia = Cross-play compatible

Despite the PS4/Xbox One and PS5/ Xbox Series X|S being part of the same platform family, they are not able to do cross-play with the prior generation.

You can read more about how cross-play works and which modes support it here.

Can You Turn Off Cross-Play in FIFA 23 FUT Champs?

Yes, you can disable cross-play in FIFA 23. This means you will only match against opponents on the same platform as you. Here is how to turn off cross-play:

1. From the FIFA 23 main menu, go to ‘Customise’ via the Settings icon

FIFA 23 Main Menu 'Customise'

2. Select ‘Online Settings’

3. Select ‘Matchmaking Options’

4. Select ‘Online Settings’

5. Choose ‘No’ for ‘Cross-Play Opt-in/Opt-out’. To enable cross-play, you just need to change it back to ‘Yes’.

Disable Cross-play in FIFA 23