Gonzalo Higuain has received an End of an Era item in FIFA 23 via an SBC.

The Argentinian has received this item to celebrate his successful career as he recently announced he would retire at the MLS season’s end.

Here is the cheapest way to complete the Higuain EOAE SBC in FIFA 23!

Cheapest FIFA 23 End of an Era Higuain SBC Solution

To complete the EOAE Higuain SBC, you must submit a number of high overall players. This SBC will cost you around 60,000 coins.

For this SBC, you will need the following overalls and we have provided guides to the cheapest players for those ratings:

Make sure to check your club for untradeable players, as this will make the SBC cheaper.

It’s also worth noting that this solution does not require any chemistry, so players can be placed in any position.

Gonzalo Higuain

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Argentina Player in Squad
    • Min. 85 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Cost: 60,000
Merino83850Real SociedadSpain
Pereira83850Leicester CityPortugal
De Paul842,700Atletico MadridArgentina
Brozovic8613,000Inter MilanCroatia
Pellegrini842,700Roma FCItaly
Muniain842,700Athletic BilbaoSpain
Coman8613,000Bayern MunichFrance
FIFA 23 Higuain SBC Solution

Of course, if you have players in your club, follow this rating guide to create your own solution:

  • 83 Rated Players – 2
  • 84 Rated Players – 6
  • 86 Rated Players – 2
  • 87 Rated Players – 1

FIFA 23 EOAE Higuain Stats & acceleRATE

ClubInter Miami
Positions (Alternate Positions)ST
acceleRATE TypeLengthy
FIFA 23 EOAE Higuain Stats

Is End of an Era Higuain Lengthy?

Yes, EOAE Higuain is lengthy in FIFA 23.

However, if you apply the following chemistry styles, he will no longer have the lengthy acceleRATE. He will become controlled!

  • Artist
  • Engine
  • Finisher

Is the FIFA 23 EOAE Higuain SBC Worth the Cost?

At 60,000 coins, Higuain is reasonably priced. He has some really nice stats across the board and he is lengthy.

Since he is in the MLS, Higuain is pretty hard to link to. However, you can complete the Rulebreakers Insigne SBC to get a pretty solid league link or use him as an impact sub!

If you have the spare coins, we don’t see any reason not to complete him! Especially since he is retiring and will not get a better item in FIFA 23!

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