Franck Ribery has received an End of an Era SBC in FIFA 23, to mark his recent retirement from football.

The Frenchman has received a +13 from his base 77-rated card and has both 5* skills and 5* weak foot in FIFA 23!

Here is the cheapest way to complete the EOAE Ribery.

Cheapest FIFA 23 End-of-an-Era Ribery SBC Solution

To complete the End of an Era Ribery SBC, you will need to submit a lot of high-rated players! This SBC will cost you around 480,000 coins.

This SBC will need the following overalls and we have provided guides to the cheapest players for each rating:

Make sure you check your club for untradeable players, as this will make this SBC much cheaper.

It’s also worth noting that this SBC does not require chemistry. This means you can place players in any position.

FC Bayern Munchen

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Bayern Munich player
    • Min. 1 TOTW Item in Starting 11
    • Min. 84 Overall Team Rating
    • 11 players in Starting Squad
  • Cost: 32,500 coins
  • Reward: Premium Gold Pack
Hernandez842,800Bayern MunichFrance
Zapata83850Atalanta B.CColombia
Savic842,800Atletico MadridMontenegro
Muniain842,800Athletic BilbaoSpain
Pereira83850Leicester CityPortugal
Schick857,700Bayer LeverkusenCzech Republic
Koke83850Atletico MadridSpain
Pau Torres83850VillarrealSpain
Schmeichel (TOTW)8511,250OGC NiceDenmark
Lemar83850Atletico MadridFrance
FIFA 23 Ribery SBC Solution 1

If you wish to create your own solution using players in your club, check out our guide to creating an 84-rated team in FIFA 23.


  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 French Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 85 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Starting Squad
  • Cost: 62,200 coins
  • Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Muniain842,800Athletic BilbaoSpain
Lemar83850Atletico MadridFrance
Merino83850Real SociedadSpain
Sane842,800Bayern MunichGermany
Savic842,800Atletico MadridMontenegro
Rodri8718,000Man CitySpain
Aspas857,700Celta VigoSpain
Bastoni842,800Inter MilanItaly
FIFA 23 Ribery SBC Solution 2

If you have a ton of players in your club, you can use this 85-rated team guide to create your own solution.

87-Rated Squad

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 87 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Starting Squad
  • Cost: 157,200 coins
  • Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack
De Gea8718,000Manchester UnitedSpain
Kroos8824,500Real MadridGermany
Calhanoglu842,800Inter MilanTurkey
Ruben Dias8824,500Man CityPortugal
Rice842,800West HamEngland
Muller8718,000Bayern MunichGermany
Muniain842,800Athletic BilbaoSpain
Trapp (TOTW)8825,000Eintracht FrankfurtGermany
FIFA 23 Ribery SBC Solution 3

Of course, if you wish to create your own solution, we have a guide to making an 87-rated SBC team.

88-Rated Squad

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 88 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Starting Squad
  • Cost: 231,250 coins
  • Reward: Mega Pack
Benzema9157,500Real MadridFrance
Neuer9049.750Bayern MunichGermany
Rice842,800West HamEngland
Trapp (TOTW)8825,000Eintracht FrankfurtGermany
Savic842,800Atletico MadridMontenegro
Ruben Dias8824,500Man CityPortugal
Muniain842,800Athletic BilbaoSpain
Harry Kane8936,000Tottenham HotspurEngland
FIFA 23 Ribery SBC Solution 4

You can follow this 88-rated team guide to create solutions with players in your own club.

FIFA 23 EOAE Franck Ribery Stats & acceleRATE

LeagueSerie A
Positions (Alternate Positions)LW (LM)
acceleRATE TypeExplosive
EOAE Ribery Stats

Is EOAE Franck Ribery Lengthy?

No, Franck Ribery EOAE is not Lengthy. Franck Ribery EOAE is Explosive and not able to become Lengthy either.

He can become Controlled by applying the following chemistry styles:

  • Anchor
  • Architect
  • Marksman

Is the FIFA 23 EOAE Franck Ribery SBC Worth Completing?

No. EOAE Ribery is extremely costly at 480,000 coins. In general, his Rulebreaker item is too similar to warrant doing an untradeable SBC versus picking up a tradeable item.

If you can complete him for 50% of the cost, he may be worth it, as he definitely fits the FIFA 23 meta. Ribery has 5 Star Skills and 5 Star Weak Foot, making him one of just a few players to have double 5 Star.

If you are looking for a more affordable LW option, OOP Icardi SBC is still available to complete!

You could also pick up a tradeable PTG player instead! Check out Path to Glory Team 1!

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