FIFA 23’s Early Access and EA Play free trial period is almost upon us. Here’s when the Early Access goes live as well as a trick for Xbox players to get into the game even earlier!

Football fans around the world can’t wait to play EA Sports’ latest football game, FIFA 23, and the most dedicated players can even get on the pitch ahead of the release date.

While the FIFA 23 release date is right around the corner now, the start of the Early Access period for the game is even closer!

FIFA 23 Cross-Play

Can You Play FIFA 23 Early?

Yes, you can play FIFA 23 early if you purchase the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition or by subscribing to EA Access to get a 10-hour free trial. Both of these methods will allow players to jump into FIFA 23 3 days early, on September 27, 2022!

Plus, there is another method that involves changing your location to New Zealand which will give you access to the game even earlier. We will explain this method fully later in the article.

Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to pre-load FIFA 23 before it comes out!

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

What Time Does the 10-Hour Free EA Play Trial & Ultimate Edition Early Access Start for FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Early Access starts at 12 AM local time on September 27, 2022, for most locations across the world. However, some regions like West Coast USA will get it slightly earlier at 9 PM PT on September 26, as the game releases at the same time across all USA time zones.

Time ZoneTime Until Early Access
NZT (New Zealand)
AST (Australia)
JST (Tokyo)
CST (Bejing)
CET (Berlin)
BST (London)
ET (New York City)
PT (Los Angeles)

Here’s how to maximize your FIFA 23 10-Hour EA Play trial so you can be in the game as long as possible!

EA Play

What Time Does FIFA 23 Come Out in New Zealand?

FIFA 23 came out at midnight on Tuesday, September 26, 2022, in New Zealand. This means it is out in New Zealand already.

As FIFA players in New Zealand already have access to FIFA 23, some players have been using a trick to change their location to New Zealand to get even earlier access to FIFA 23 on Xbox.

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How to Get FIFA 23 Early Using New Zealand Trick on Xbox

  • Open your Xbox Settings
  • Go to System
  • Select Your Language Region as English (New Zealand)
  • Set your location as New Zealand
  • Press Restart Now

Doing this will change your Xbox location to New Zealand and give you earlier access to FIFA 23, as the game is already out there!

Unfortunately, FIFA fans on PlayStation can’t use this trick. Although there is a way to start the FIFA 23 EA Play Free Trial Early on PS5!

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How to Get FIFA 23 Early Using New Zealand Trick

In other news, players hopping straight into Ultimate Team have been disappointed. This is because the new FIFA 23 chemistry system has some major problems.

What’s more, the SBC rewards are much worse than last year!

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