FIFA 23 players attempting to play in Division Rivals and FUT Champs are reporting problems. Those affected are receiving messages stating “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers. Please try again later”.

EA Sports FIFA has now recognized the problem and is working on a solution.

At the minute, this doesn’t seem to be impacting every player with many currently able to play in these FUT modes.

It is not quite clear how this issue is only affecting a portion of the community but it is certainly a frustrating one for those attempting to play.

FIFA 23 Division Rivals error

For many, the Division Rivals outage comes at a bad time with rewards distributing tomorrow morning. A ton of FIFA 23 players are looking to play to increase their rank and gain better packs.

Obtaining the best packs as possible in the game is especially important this week. This is due to the ongoing TOTY promotion where the best players in the game are available.

Thursday, 2 February 2023 marks the last set of Division Rivals rewards releasing before these players are no longer in the pack rotation.

They will then be replaced on Friday, 3 February 2023 by the Future Stars promo. A couple of Future Stars players have already started to leak.

Players Upset at Divison Rivals Being Down

The Division Rivals outage is currently affecting a lot of players in FIFA 23. When attempting to play in this mode players are receiving an error message.

There is also a bunch of players who are trying to hit the Season 3 milestone rewards but this error is preventing them.

It also appears that this issue is not impacting any of the other FUT 23 game modes such as Friendles or the Online FUT Draft.

Hopefully, this downtime can be resolved as soon as possible, so FUT players can get back onto the virtual pitch.

However, for now, players will have to play in some of the other modes. It could be a great opportunity to play in the Friendlies modes to earn Future Stars Swap tokens!

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