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FIFA 23 Cross-Play Modes Explained

EA announced that FIFA 23 will have cross-play from launch day, but fans are furious as cross-play only works in 1v1 modes.

Cross-play in FIFA 23 is big news, as it’s the first time that the feature has been added in the FIFA series.

However, fans quickly noticed that Pro Clubs is not included in the cross-play support.

According to EA, the process is too complicated:

“We want to ensure our product innovation is delivered at quality, and because of the technical intricacies of implementing cross-play, modes that pair players together such as Pro Clubs will not feature cross-play at this time.“

This comes as a disappointment to Pro Clubs fans, as it’s the mode that would benefit the most from cross-play.

Which Modes Support FIFA 23 Cross-Play?

FIFA 23 will have cross-play at launch but unfortunately, it has been restricted to 1v1 modes only. This means that any games that you play against a single opponent, it can be from any console.

Cross-play works in:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT Online Friendlies, FUT  Rivals, FUT Champions and FUT Online Draft)
  • Online Seasons
  • Online Friendlies
  • PS4 and Xbox One matchmake with each other
  • Current generation – PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Pc and Google Stadia – Connect in a separate cross-play ecosystem
Cross-play Modes
Cross-Play Modes

EA said that cross-play between last gen and current gen versions of FIFA 23 is not possible because of significant differences between gameplay features.

However, there is still some hope, as EA have stated:

“We’re already exploring expanding our crossplay capabilities in the future, so our players can play and connect with whoever, whenever and wherever they want”

In addition, some FIFA fans are hitting back at EA on Twitter because they are not happy with the decision of not adding cross-play in Pro Clubs.

We have made a comparison of all the FIFA 23 game editions to help you decide which edition to purchase.

To find more information about FIFA 23, check out the official EA pitch notes.

Check out the FIFA 23 reveal trailer below:

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