Serge Gnabry has been announced as the Bundesliga Player of the Month and has received an SBC in FIFA 23.

The German winger has been boosted to an 87 overall, matching his recent Path to Glory item.

Here is the cheapest way to complete this SBC!

Cheapest FIFA 23 POTM Gnabry SBC Solution

For this SBC, you will not need many high-rated players. This SBC will cost you around 15,000 coins to complete!

You will only need one high-rated player and we have attached a guide to the cheapest players in this overall!

There are no chemistry requirements needed for this SBC so you can place players in any position!

You can also make this SBC cheaper by using untradeable players in your club!

Serge Gnabry

  • Requirements
    • Min. 1 Bundesliga Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 1 85 and Higher OVR Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 83 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Cost: 15,000
Hradecky83850Bayer LeverkusenFinland
Adan81550Sporting CPSpain
Rodriguez81550Real BetisArgentina
Vardy858,000Leicester CityEngland
Elustondo82550Real SociedadSpain
FIFA 23 Gnabry SBC Solution

Also, if you want to create your own solution, you can follow our SBC combinations guide!

FIFA 23 POTM Gnabry Stats & acceleRATE

ClubBayern Munich
Positions (Alternate Positions)RW (RM)
acceleRATE TypeExplosive
FIFA 23 Gnabry SBC Stats

Is POTM Gnabry Meta?

Considering his PTG item has better stats for just 5,000 coins more, POTM Gnabry is not a meta card.

If you end up completing him, we recommend using a Hunter chemistry style to boost his pace up!

Is the FIFA 23 POTM Gnabry SBC Worth Completing?

Even though he is not a meta card, you should 100% complete this SBC. This is because POTM Gnabry costs just 15,000 coins and is 87 Rated..

Gnabry POTM is 5,000 coins cheaper than the rest of the cheapest 87-rated players in FIFA 23!

So make sure you complete him as soon as possible to get a good value piece of SBC fodder!

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