A FIFA 23 player has encountered a strange new bug where the ref awards a free kick to the opposition for an incorrect offside decision.

One of the most frustrating things in football can be those tight offside calls. To be offside, you only need to be a millimeter in front of the last defending player.

These types of calls need to be correct as they can influence the results of matches. Although, this latest bug may prove to be a problem for FIFA 23 players.

Player Called Offside From Inside His Own Half in FIFA 23

Reddit user “Remote-Appeal3594” has shared his frustration as he was on the end of a bizarre FIFA 23 glitch. While playing a Champions League match in Career Mode, his player makes a charging run forward from inside his own half before the ref whistles for offside.

In normal circumstances, this decision was perfectly correct as he is ahead of the last defender. Although in this case, it is the wrong call as you are unable to be offside in your own half.

While this glitch appears to be in Career Mode, if it can be replicated in Ultimate Team, there could be a bigger issue.

Players may end up losing crucial games inside of FUT Champs or Division Rivals, missing out on the high-value rewards.

Of course, with the Team of the Year squad in packs in FIFA 23, gamers will want as much of a chance to obtain these high-rated players.

This isn’t the only thing FIFA 23 players are unhappy within the game. FUT users have started calls for a major change to disconnected games.

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