The new FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Pack comes with 100 Untradeable Rare Players. That may sound like a steal, but is it worth its price?

FIFA 23’s Black Friday is full of SBCs and packs that players can purchase for some exciting rewards. But sometimes, the risk isn’t worth what you’d be spending.

Here’s a breakdown of the FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Pack.

Is the Black Friday 100 Pack in FIFA 23 Worth it?

No, Black Friday 100 Pack is not worth opening. It has 100 Gold Rares, but they are all untradeable, and the odds for a good card are low. This means you won’t be able to make any coins from this pack.

The Black Friday 100 Pack costs 250,000 Coins or 3,000 FIFA Points for 100 Untradeable Gold Rare Players.

The chances of obtaining a player worth putting in your squad are very low. The full odds for the Black Friday 100 Pack include the following:

  • Gold 75+ Player – 100%
  • Gold 82+ Player – 100%
  • Gold 90+ Player – 15%
  • Team of the Week Player – 20%
  • Road to the FIFA World Cup Player – 15%
  • World Cup Icon Players – 2.4%

So, you’ll unlikely see a player over 90 in your pack. It’s not worth doing for 250,000 Coins. It’d be better to invest those coins into some SBC Fodder for almost no risk.

If you want to take a risk that’ll have some coin return, you can also invest in Path to Glory players.

This is a very high-risk, high-reward type of situation. If you do happen to get a great card, then the odds that it’ll fit your squad are pretty low. You’d need to be ready to build your team around them since these are untradeable cards.

You cannot sell any player in the FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Pack. We recommend using your coins to complete one of the following SBCs instead:

Or maybe check out one of the other FIFA 23 Black Friday offers.

Black Friday 100 Pack

Best & Worst FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Packs

Here are a few of the best and worst Black Friday 100 Packs that the FIFA 23 community has shared to help you decide if you want to spend your coins or points on it.

Worst Black Friday 100 Packs

It must sting having 100 Rare Players in a pack with no walkouts.

Some players weren’t even able to reach an 85 Rated player in their packs.

Actually, it might be pretty difficult even to pack anything over an 85-rated player. This might be one of the best packs you can get.

Best Black Friday 100 Packs

This is probably one of the best packs we’ve seen for the Black Friday 100 Packs. Plenty of high-rated players and even an in-form Valverde!

Despite not being happy with it, RuddockRory actually got one of the best packs we’ve seen for the FIFA 23 Black Friday 100 Pack.

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