A new Squad Battles glitch has been found in FIFA 23 that allows players to stand still without the opposition tackling them!

Completing Squad Battles games against the AI is a very tedious activity. However, to get the top rewards, you will have to play them to earn points!

Now with World Cup Swaps tokens available through the offline game mode, FUT users will be forced to play Squad Battles to earn tokens!

This new glitch will make the process much easier!

How to Do Squad Battles Glitch in FIFA 23

Here is how you can do the Squad Battles Glitch:

  • Set the difficulty of the Squad Battles game to World-Class or below
    • This glitch does not work on Legendary or Ultimate
  • In the game, make sure you take the lead
  • Once you are winning, walk up to the edge of the opponent’s 12-yard-box
  • Just before your player enters the 12-yard-box, turn around using the left analog stick while holding L2 / LT
Squad Battles Glitch Area
General area where you initiate glitch
  • Let go of the left analog stick and L2/LT once your player starts walking in the direction of your goal.
  • This will cause the AI to go completely idle and it will not tackle you
Squad Battle Glitch Working
AI defender will constantly run into the back of your player

Of course, you will need to do this twice in the same game, as the half-time whistle will reset everyone’s position.

This glitch is also extremely hard to master, so you may have to attempt it multiple times throughout a game.

We recommend using players with high agility, as they will be much easier to turn with.

Once you master this glitch, you can fly through Squad Battle games while doing something else.

There are a ton of Squad Battles rewards you could earn by utilizing this glitch! And, of course, you can also earn Swaps Tokens to get World Cup Swaps Rewards.

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