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FIFA 23 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC – Cheapest Solution

FIFA 23 just dropped an 85+ TOTW Upgrade for players to strengthen their squad with the best inform cards.

TOTW players have better stats than their Gold counterparts and are some of the best value cards you can get in FIFA 23.

Here is how to easily complete the 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC solution in the cheapest way possible.

FIFA 23 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution

To complete the 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23, you’ll need to submit a minimum of 4 85 and higher overall players with a minimum Team OVR Rating of 84 for around 43,000 Coins.

Although you can also use untradeable players from your club to save on some coins.

To complete this SBC, you’ll need 4 85-rated players.

Below we will list the cheapest current solution, but if you want to see cheap alternatives, you can check out our guide on the cheapest 85-rated players here.

There are no chemistry requirements in this SBC, so chemistry does not matter. You can place any player in any position.

85+ TOTW Upgrade Solution

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 4 85 and Higher Overall Players
    • Min. 84 Overall Team Rating
  • Reward: 85+ TOTW Upgrade
  • Cost: 45,000 coins
PlayerRatingCostNation (Club)
Ricardo Pereira83850Portugal (Leicester City)
Oliver Baumann83850Germany (TSG Hoffenheim)
Duván Zapata83850Colombia (Bergamo Calcio)
John Stones83850England (Manchester City)
Angeliño83850Spain (TSG Hoffenheim)
Niklas Süle8510,500Germany (Borussia Dortmund)
Carlos Soler83850Spain (PSG)
Luis Alberto83850Spain (Latium)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang8510,000Gabon (Chelsea)
Iago Aspas8510,000Spain (RC Celta)
Gerard Moreno8510,500Spain (Villarreal CF)

If you already have plenty of players in your club that you’d rather use, here are the minimum rating requirements to complete this 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC Solution:

  • 85-Rated Players – 4
  • 83-Rated Players – 7

All 85 Rated and Higher TOTW Players in FIFA 23

There are 34 players TOTW players that you can obtain from this pack. Every player available is shown below.

TOTW 85+ Player Graphic created by FANSDEFUT on Twitter.

Highest Value 85+ TOTW Players Available in SBC

  • Kylian Mbappé – 2.3 Million Coins
  • Neymar Jr – 1.35 Million Coins
  • Kevin de Bruyne – 700,000 Coins
  • Mohamed Salah – 605,000 Coins
  • Erling Haaland – 605,000 Coins
  • Heung Min Son – 540,000 Coins
  • Marquinhous – 340,000 Coins

Is The 85+ TOTW Upgrade SBC Good Value in FIFA 23?

Unless you have 4 spare untradeable 85-rated players in your club, then the 85+ TOTW upgrade SBC might not be worth doing. Although an 85+ Rated TOTW player can seem tempting, the odds of obtaining a high-value player that can fit your squad are very slim.

For 45,000 coins, you can purchase most of the lower-end players in this pack. Even some of the better players won’t get any higher than 80,000 coins.

If you’re short on coins, then here are some SBCs that might offer you better value:

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