The 4231 is one of the best-attacking formations in FIFA 23 while also providing a solid defensive unit. Here are the best tactics to use for this formation!

  • Defense
    • Defensive Style: Balanced
    • Width: 45
    • Depth: 55
  • Offence
    • Build Up Play: Long Ball
    • Chance Creation: Forward Runs
    • Width: 45
    • Players in Box: 7
    • Corners: 1
    • Free Kicks: 1

There is also a feature in FIFA 23 that will help you create more chances and score more goals!

4-2-3-1 FIFA 23 Tactics

FIFA 23 4231 Player Instructions

GK• Default
LB/RB• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Mixed Attack (Default)
• Stick To Position (Default)
CBs• Default
CDMs• Cut Passing Lanes
• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Cover Center
• Stick To Position (Default)
LAM/RAM• Come Back On Defence
• Get Into The Box For Crosses
• Stick To Position (Default)
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
CAM• Stay Forward
• Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)
• Stick To Position (Default)
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
ST• Stay Central
• Get In Behind
• Stay Forward
• Normal Interceptions (Default)

These tactics come from NealGuides, who is a pro player and FIFA 23 coach. With these tactics, he has consistently hit Rank 1 in FUT Champs and is in the Elite Division of Division Rivals.

This formation offers a ton of attacking support with three CAMs and an ST while the two CDMs will offer a great defensive line.

4-2-3-1 FIFA 23

This formation is one the best in the game and following these tactics, you are sure to get more wins. However, if you want to try some other tactics, check out these formations:

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