If you are looking to play a narrow formation to easily pass through your opponents’ team, these 41212 (2) custom tactics are the best setup to go with in FIFA 23!

  • Defense
    • Defensive Style: Balanced
    • Width: 45
    • Depth: 71
  • Offence
    • Build Up Play: Balanced
    • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
    • Width: 50
    • Players in Box: 5
    • Corners: 2
    • Free Kicks: 2

Make sure you use these tactics in FUT Champs to earn and save the best possible packs for FIFA 23’s biggest event of the year!

FIFA 23 4-1-2-1-2 (2) Custom Tactics

FIFA 23 41212 (2) Instructions

GK• Comes For Crosses
• Sweeper Keeper
RB• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
Mixed Attack (Default)
• Stick to Position (Default)
CBs• Default
LB• Balanced Attack (Default)
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Overlap
• Stick to Position (Default)
CDM• Balanced Defense (Default)
• Stay Back While Attacking
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Cover Center
• Stick To Position (Default)
LCM• Stay Back While Attacking
• Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)
• Normal Interceptions (Default)
• Stick To Position (Default)
• Cover Center
RCM• Default
CAM• Default
LST & RST• Balanced Width (Default)
• Mixed Attack (Default)
• Stay Forward
• Normal Interceptions (Default)

Huge Gorilla, a pro-FIFA 23 player has been using this formation in FUT Champs with these tactics letting him go 20-0 on multiple occasions.

Players who enjoy holding onto the ball and having high possession will make the best use of these tactics. There will be plenty of space for you to pass the ball and create chances.

FIFA 23 4-1-2-1-2 (2)

This formation has been iconic across the previous FIFA titles and is often used by pro-FIFA players. In FIFA 23, this formation is back amongst the meta setups and is now one of the best to use in FUT Champs!

With these tactics, you will be able to cut through the opposition by playing swift and easy passes.

However, if you are looking for some other custom tactics, check out these FIFA 23 formations:

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