Get ready to dominate the FUT Champs meta in FIFA 23 with the unstoppable 3412 formation! In recent weeks, this formation has taken the competitive gaming scene by storm, emerging as the go-to choice for top-level players.

Whether you’re seeking a flexible tactical approach, optimal player positioning, or an edge over your opponents, this formation could be the one for you.

Here are the custom tactics and instructions that have propelled countless gamers to higher ranks in FUT Champs.

FIFA 23 3412 Custom Tactics & Instructions

  • Defense
    • Defense Style: Balanced
    • Width: 38
    • Depth: 58
  • Offense
    • Build-Up Play: Balanced
    • Chance Creation: Direct Passing
    • Width: 48
    • Players in Box: 6
    • Corners: 1
    • Free Kicks: 1
FIFA 23 3412 Tactics

FIFA 23 3412 Player Instructions

GK• Comes For Crosses
• Sweeper Keeper
LCB / CB / RCB• Default 
LM/RM• Come Back On Defence
• Cut Inside
• Stay On Edge Of Box For Crosses
LCM (Most Defensive Midfielder)• Stay Back While Attacking
• Stay On Edge Of Box For Crosses
• Cover Center
RCM (Most Attacking Midfielder)• Stay Back While Attacking
• Get Into Box For Crosses
• Cover Center
CAM• Come Back On Defence
• Get Into The Box for Crosses
RST• Stay Central
• Get In Behind
• Stay Forward
LST• Stay Central
• Stay Forward

With these FIFA 23 3412 tactics, the key is to have an LM and RM equally capable of defending and attacking.

A perfect example of players who suit these roles would be TOTS Clauss and TOTS Moments Marcos Llorente. Ideally, you want players with 90+ Pace, 85+ Defending, and 80+ Shooting.

Additionally, you must have CBs with above 85 Pace. This formation is very wide and can create gaps in your defense, so having CBs who can cover ground quickly is essential.

Your CMs should be well-rounded. They must win the ball back from the opponent and provide a goal threat.

Having one player in central midfield with 80+ in all base attributes is ideal but not essential. TOTS Barrela and ICON Shapeshifter Zambrotta are perfect for these positions.

FIFA 23 3412 example players
Example of players suited for 3412
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