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FIFA 22 Release Date, PS5, Xbox Series X & Cover Athlete

As we venture into the new year, EA Sports' next title in the FIFA series forms in the distance. Check out all the latest regarding the FIFA 22 release date as the news starts to trickle in.

It's safe to say that EA Sports' FIFA 21 has been another successful title for the franchise. Debuting in October of 2020, the game has produced endless hours of premium content to this point.

Upgrades and changes to Ultimate Team, Kick-off, and Pro Clubs modes highlight some of FIFA 21's high points. Seeing that next-gen consoles went live in late 2020, timing has been everything for this year's game.

But with any annual title, as we kick off the new year fans are already clamoring about the possibilities of FIFA 22. So you've come to the right place for all the latest information on the next in line for EA's famed franchise.

EA Sports FIFA 22 Release Date

While there is no hard date set for FIFA 22's future release, we have a rough estimate of when fans can expect the title. Going off previous years, gamers can likely expect FIFA 22 to go live between Friday, September 24, and Friday, October 8, 2021.

Based on the expected window, many more gamers will be playing on Next-Gen consoles by that time. So there won't be an upgrade period as the game will likely just release as a Next-Gen title.

So far the Next-Gen features of FIFA 21 have been a large success after a brief feeling-out period. Setting the stage for FIFA 22 to reach even bigger and better achievements.

Potential Cover Athletes

After the young galactico Kylian Mbappé graced the cover of FIFA 21, fans are wondering who will carry the torch in next years game. If Liverpool have another championship-crested season, it would be hard to deny Trent Alexander-Arnold a shout for the cover.

The young Liverpool local is already considered by many the best Right Back in the world, and with EA's long-term contract tying them to the Reds, the stars just seem to align. Though hilarious mistakes like this from a Liverpool defender might produce a different storyline.

FIFA 22 Potential Features

The FIFA 22 Next Gen Release Date could also provide info on potential new features for next year's title. 2022 is a World Cup year, so it's possible that we see the integration of a World Cup game mode similar to FIFA 18.

And as with any new year of FIFA, a fresh batch of ICON cards will be unveiled for Ultimate Team managers keen on a blast from the past. Perhaps even young Anders Vejrgang will lose a FUT Champions match between now and the next title's release.

Weekend Leaguers, be sure to check out our updated FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League rewards. As well as information on FUT packs offering the most rare and In-Form cards.

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