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FIFA 21 World Rankings: eSports Top 10 FUT Champions Players

Heading into weekend eight of FUT Champions, we'll be taking a look at the premier gamers to date. FIFA 21 World Rankings for the top 10 players in FIFA eSports.

Any serious FIFA gamer with ambitions of glory knows the ultimate prize is the FIFA eWorld Cup. Last year's competition was fierce and fiery from the qualifying rounds, all the way to the two-leg final.

The nature of the competition ensures the best FIFA gamers will rise to the top and battle for supremacy. Success at the eWorld Cup can be a major launch point for professional gamers, as most all are already signed to professional teams.

The competition also yields hefty payouts of $250,000 and $100,000 to first and second place, respectively. Rogue eSports franchise was well represented at the eWorld Cup, but it was a Werder Bremen man who took home top prize.

FIFA eWorld Cup Results

The FIFA eWorld Cup ran from August 2-4 at the O2 Arena in London. 32 players were divided into four groups of four based on seeding, then the games were underway.

In order to account for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the two divisions do not play each other until the final. Then to create a level playing field, the final is then contested over two legs, one on each console.

After group stages, teams with the most points advance to the round of 16, quarterfinals, and so on. The final eight gamers in the world championship FIFA competition were:

Fatih "FIFAÜstun" Üstün

Finishing eighth at the eWorld Cup, Üstun is a PlayStation player from Denmark who went pro in 2018. He competed in the eWorld Cup as a member of Future FC, but has since signed to Astralis.

Only 21 years old and already a top eight world player, he'll likely remain a key figure for years to come.

Corentin "Maestro" Thuillier

Maestro is a 20 year old professional PlayStation FIFA player currently competing for Levante UD eSports (associated with the La Liga club). He boasts career earnings of nearly $200,000 and finished seventh at the eWorld Cup.

One of two players from Team Vitality to finish in the top eight, Maestro took home a trophy of $12,000 for his efforts.

Nawid "GoalMachine" Noorzai

The sixth place PlayStation finisher at the eWorld Cup, Noorzai is a 21 year old Canadian formerly of AS Roma eSports. He has since moved on to join Atlantide Wave of France for further career opportunities.

Noorzai was one of three members from Rogue FC to reach the quarterfinal stage of the eWorld Cup, a feather in the cap for the organization.

Niklas "NRaseck" Raseck

Finishing fifth and competing on Xbox, Raseck aka NR7 has grossed nearly $200,000 in career earnings since just 2018. The 21 year old German also left the ranks of Rogue FC following the eWorld Cup and moved to Guild FC, which is co-owned by the great David Beckham.

He took home $12,000 from the competition and has since earned another $15,000 via a third place finish at the eChampions League Invitational.

Nicolas "nicolas99fc" Villalba

Finishing fourth and earning himself $25,000, Villalba was the number one overall seed in the PlayStation bracket. The 21 year old hails from Argentina and represents FC Basel 1983.

He was eliminated in the Semi-finals by the eventual champion on a score of 9-8. With career earnings of almost $250,000 in just two years, his future is certainly bright.

Fouad "Rafsou" Fares

Competing on Xbox and finishing third at the competition, Fares announced himself on the world stage having been pro for three years. His career earnings total $100,000 in his brief spell including $23,000+ for first place in the 2018 e-Ligue 1 Championship.

He also represented Team Vitality at the eWorld Cup, but has since taken his talents to Grizi eSport.

Mossad "Msdossary" Aldossary

Runner up for the world title, Aldossary was the number one Xbox player at the competition. While he may not have won it all, the world knows his name as he's raked in nearly $600,000 in just over two years professional.

He recently won the FIFA Summer Cup Series - Middle East & Africa in late August to add to his trophy cabinet. And with a contract for Roc Nation Sports Group plus a Turtle Beach partnership, Aldossary remains at the top of the heap for FIFA 21 World Rankings.

Mohammed "Mo Auba" Harkous

He is the reigning, defending, undisputed FIFA Champion of the World, Mohammed "Mo Auba" Harkous. Professional since 2016, Mo Auba won his first competition all the way back on FIFA 18 at the DraftStory Cup.

He represented Werder Bremen eSports when he won his crown at the eWorld Cup, but has since signed with Fokus Clan. MoAuba seems as enthused as ever already taking a third place finish at the Twitch Rivals: Preseason Invitational.

Honorable Top 10 Mentions

Considered by many to be the #1 FIFA player in the world, Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt didn't have his best showing at the recent eWorld Cup. The 18 year old entered the competition as the #1 overall seed in Xbox division, but failed to progress to the knockout stages.

Still an undeniable player, Tekkz has taken first place in nearly every other competition entered since 2018. He recently penned a deal with Liverpool's FIFA team adding star power to the ePremier League.

Already a world record holder at just 14 years old, it's only a matter of time until Anders Vejrgang shakes things up at the top of the FIFA 21 World Rankings. The young Danish phenom boasts a perfect record of 210-0 in FUT Champions with hopes to win his next 30.

He's already signed to RB Leipzig eSports (associated with the Bundesliga club) and will be eligible to compete in professional tournaments at age 16 as per EA Sports stipulations.

The last spot in the top ten goes to Diogo Jota, that's right, you read correctly. The Liverpool Forward, (formerly of Wolves) won the ePremier League title in April, but that might not be his most impressive FIFA accomplishment.

Jota also compiled a perfect 30-0 FUT Champions weekend, which saw him ranked 61st in the world at the time. He also plays professional football, pretty well we may add.

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