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FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades Countdown: Release Date/Time & Card Design

We're only days away from EA Sports' much anticipated Winter Refresh event. Here's everything you need to know for the FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades Release Date and Time.

The footballing world is constantly evolving with new teams and players coming to the light seemingly every month. Seeing that FIFA Ultimate Team follows along the yearly schedule, EA Sports likes to try and keep things up to date.

January's transfer window was a natural breakpoint for both world football and FIFA 21. As most leagues give managers the opportunity to submit an updated squad for the remainder of the season.

To stay lockstep with the world footballing scene, EA Sports will drop their yearly Winter Upgrades event. The promotion includes new player cards, ratings changes, an exclusive promo team, and much more.

What Are Winter Upgrades in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades are EA Sports chance to clean up shop at the midpoint of the season. There are so many leagues and players in competition at once, it's easy for something to slip through the cracks.

As their title suggests, Winter Upgrades are released by EA Sports as a way to get more accurate player ratings. Lesser-known footballers may have burst onto the scene since the title went live, and will need their ratings boosted accordingly.

Winter Upgrades can also be adding in a new card for a player who just transferred teams. Or even a youth player who's been called up to the first team squad since August.

How Does FIFA Winter Refresh Work?

FIFA 20 Winter Refresh Team
FIFA 20 Winter Refresh Team

Judging from last year's title, the Winter Refresh promotion should last about one week. The Winter Refresh official team cards will release in packs, with others being made available through SBC and Objectives Challenges.

Normal gold cards with upgraded ratings will also be available in packs and subsequently the FUT Market. So managers will need to keep an eye out for potential boosts to their Ultimate Team.

Winter Upgrades FUT Card Design

FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades Card Design
FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades Card Design

The FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades cards should sport an exciting new design. Last year's FIFA introduced a cool-blue theme for the Winter Refresh team.

Look for EA Sports to stick with a winter-themed design for these exciting new cards. The first look at this year's refresh should be made available in the coming days.

FUT 21 Winter Refresh Start Date/Time

While not yet official, the rumored FIFA 21 Winter Upgrades Release Date is slated for Friday, February 26, 2021 at 6pm (UK time).

We'll keep you updated should there be any new info on the start time ahead of Friday.

Winter Upgrades Team

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