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FIFA 21 Winter Ones to Watch Countdown: OTW Release Date & Time

The Winter edition of Ones to Watch cards will be coming soon to Ultimate Team. Check out all the info including release date for the FIFA 21 Winter Ones to Watch.

A main attraction in FIFA Ultimate Team every season, Ones to Watch are dynamic and exciting players. The live cards are meant to spotlight some of the higher profile transfers in world football.

Of course, the cards are live and subject to upgrades based on the respective player's form. Many times these Ones to Watch can end up as some of the higher rated cards in all of FIFA.

At the start of the season EA Sports released two different Ones to Watch squads. Each highlighting some of the most highly anticipated transfers of the latest summer window.

Now that the January transfer window is complete, EA Sports is set to roll out another batch of Ones to Watch. So let's take a look at the upcoming promotion and some of the exciting new additions to FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 Winter Ones to Watch Release Date

The FIFA 21 Summer Ones to Watch Squads were released in October for limited periods in FUT packs. There were also SBC and Objectives Challenges players for gamers to unlock as well.

Winter Ones to Watch should operate in similar fashion providing players in packs for a limited time. Though there could be a slight tweak to the annual promotion similar to the FIFA 21 Freeze event from a few months back.

As of writing, there has not yet been a confirmation date for the Winter Ones to Watch. Though it has been rumored that OTW could go live between February 26, and March 5, 2021.

It's worth noting that we are also in the midst of the FIFA 21 Future Stars promotion. The event showcases top talents in world football still under the age of 24.

Additionally, the FIFA 21 Winter Refresh is looming on the horizon with fans waiting for the mid-season update. These events will have a direct impact on the Winter Ones to Watch, so keep our FIFA tab bookmarked for all your Ultimate Team updates throughout this hectic period.

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