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FIFA 21 New Stadium Concept – Dynamic Trophy Cabinet Display

The customizable stadiums of FIFA Ultimate Team have undoubtedly been popular amongst regular players. Here's a look at a new FIFA 21 stadium concept for the pitch-side trophy slots.

One of the many praises for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team has been the amount of control and customization for details big and small. Team chants, goal songs, and pyrotechnics are amongst many stadium features which can be set to personal preference.

The Stadium itself has an entire page to edit, just as your squad of players have their own. It's allowed for consistently fresh backdrops while competing in the lauded Ultimate Team mode.

Among these customizable facets, are pitch-side trophy displays. There are slots for different 'trophies' all around the pitch which the user can select to display or to leave blank.

While they have been a nice addition to this year's Ultimate Team, they could be further improved upon. And this Reddit user has a brilliant idea for a dynamic stadium addition.

FUT 21 Stadium Dynamic Trophy Cabinet

Found via our FIFA friend and Redditor u/bzehn, this new FIFA 21 Stadium concept is quickly turning heads. It would replace one of the already existing trophy slots, and provide an avenue for gamers to boast their achievements.

Rather than one of the stagnant trophies like 'Finishing Fundamentals' or the 'Birthday Cake' statue, this would be a trophy cabinet. A multi-level pitch-side case to display your most impressive FIFA 21 accomplishments.

FIFA 21 Dynamic Stadium Trophy Cabinet Concept
FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Dynamic Trophy Cabinet Concept

The concept cabinet displays the Division Rivals ranking (Div. 1) on the side of the case. As well as FUT Champions accomplishments including highest ranks on the trophy shelves.

This would be an awesome Stadium feature, and would give users a quick glance at the experience level of their opposition. While it's unlikely we would see it in this year's title, it could absolutely be a new feature in FIFA 22.

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Source: FIFA 21 Redditor 'u/bzehn'

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