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FIFA 21 FUT Card Sniping & 59th Minute Trading Methods Explained

Sniping is one of the most consistent trading methods in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. A beginner's guide for Card Sniping to turn steady profit in the FUT 21 Marketplace.

Card Sniping in the FIFA Ultimate Team player market has remained a reliable way for making coins. It's the optimal way to purchase, and with simple knowledge of pricing, it can produce consistent profits.

Sniping requires persistence as well as quick fingers to snatch up the best available value. In this article we'll outline the basics of Sniping to increase the balance of FUT Coins in your account.

Note that sniping is a universal technique on all consoles, but will likely be a touch more effective on Xbox. This is simply due to the number of users and natural demand of the FUT market.

The method works for essentially all players, regardless of price. But if you're new to Sniping, it's best to target some the less-popular player cards to start.

Ultimate Team Card Sniping Trading Method Explained

At a birds-eye view, FUT Card Sniping is essentially rapid searches at set prices for targeted cards. The nature of the rapid searching is designed to allow the Sniper first access to newly listed cards at the set price.

After cards are purchased at their sniped low prices, managers sell them on at fair market value and turn a profit. It's a reliable method and can be appropriately scaled to fit any transfer budget.

While it may seem basic in its structure, there are tips and tricks to improve results. Knowledge of pricing as well as tweaking your search with different filters will help you massively with your FUT Sniping.

To give our readers a head start with their Sniping, feel free to make use of our FUT player guides. We've compiled lists of the Top 20 Fastest and Strongest players in FUT 21, who should carry good Sniping value on the marketplace.

Setting Up Your Search For Sniping

Once you've identified the player to purchase and re-sell, search out that player individually to get a sense of their price range. For the example in this article we'll use the Lucas Hernandez 82 Card.

After searching the market individually for the 82 Hernandez, it's clear that most all sell for 18k+ FUT Coins. To snipe a low priced card, we'll set our search for 17.5k Max. Buy Now.

FIFA 21 Sniping Lucas Hernandez 82 Search
Search out your target at a price below their market value

If you're lucky enough to have a card available at first search, purchase it immediately at the low price. Most cards will become available sporadically, so be ready to search and re-search until the listing matches your filters.

It's possible there won't be any cards listed at your initial desired price, so you'll need to tweak your search if this is the case. A simple trick can be to increase the Max. Buy Now price by small increments and continue searching at slightly higher rates.

Another popular technique is 59th minute sniping. This is essentially scrolling far to the right to pages of freshly listed player cards.

The 59th minute cards are the newest listed available in your search criteria. So refreshing the page can often give you first access to the lower listings.

Re-listing Your Sniped Card for Profit

Once you're able to snipe a card at your desired price, look to get it on the marketplace and re-sell. This is where knowledge of pricing is key, a listing at a fair price will garner more attention from buyers and should sell quicker.

In the video here Lucas Hernandez 82 card is re-listed at 19k after being Sniped at 17.5k FUT Coins. That's a 1.5k profit just for quickly searching, purchasing, and re-listing the card.

FIFA 21 Sniping Lucas Hernandez 82 Relisting
Re-list your sniped card closer to actual value and keep the difference

Sniping is a key trading method that all competitive FUT managers should know. It's universal, consistent, and can be fit to meet any transfer budget.

If you're diligent with sniping, just 15 minutes of buying and trading 10 cards at 1k price each could turn a 10k profit. And if you have greater funds to start with, you can target even higher value cards to snipe.

If you're looking to turn up your Sniping another level, the video below has controller tips to optimize searching speed. Courtesy of YouTube creator PR9, the How To Snipe Players video should fill you in.

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