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FIFA 21 High Demand SBC Requirements FUT Trading Method Explained

The initial stages of FIFA 21 can be frustrating for Ultimate Team managers, particularly if you're low on funds. To help our readers, we'll be highlighting trading methods to operate the transfer market and turn a FUT Coins profit.

FIFA Ultimate Team managers new and old understand the importance of raising funds. FUT Coins are essential to every facet of the game; buying players, packs, or even looking to enter into FUT Drafts.

Two important aspects of FUT trading to understand, first, the SBC Market has major influence over the FUT Market as a whole. This is due to the fact that one SBC card will require at least 11 or more cards to trade in, affecting each of their value.

Second, promotions are the best time to focus on coin making methods to raise funds. There are fresh new cards being added into the game and they cause the value of others to fluctuate.

In this Coin Making Tutorial, we'll be outlining SBC High Demand Trading. It's a quick route to guaranteed profit that will stack up FUT Coins into your account.

SBC High Demand Coin Making Explained

The design behind SBC High Demand Trading is simple, buy cards high in demand for cheap prices and sell for profit. It's rather simple, but there are still a few guidelines to save you time and make your trading most efficient.

The point is to find an SBC requiring a decent overall Squad rating and players from a particular nation. These will likely be the biggest pools of players to select value buys from.

For this example we'll be using one of the latest SBC's in FUT 21. Rulebreakers Player Pick Iñaki Williams 84 SBC offers players a chance to select between two versions of upgraded cards.

The SBC requires a minimum of one Spanish player, and a minimum Squad rating of 85. So using those parameters, we'll outline the quickest way to stack up some FUT Coins.

To start you'll need to open up a search in the FUT Transfer Market. Set the search filters to display Rare Gold cards/players from Spain with a minimum price of 5k FUT Coins.

FIFA 21 Minimum 5k FUT Coins / Spanish Gold Rare Search FUT
Search out Rare Gold/Spanish players with a 5k FUT Coins minimum

Once the player pool is displayed, look for players who meet the 85 squad rating requirement, or at least come close. If they have a fairly affordable price, these will be the cards you target for High Demand Trading.

When using the aforementioned search criteria, one of the higher rated players that will likely populate your search is the Atlético Madrid Midfielder, Koke. He carries an 85 overall rating which will greatly help out with the Iñaki Williams 84 SBC.

Once you find the stand out player which you have identified necessary for your SBC, you can back out of that search. Then go back into search options and look for Gold Rare cards for that player (Koke) in particular.

FIFA 21 Koke 85 Gold Rare Search FUT
Search out Koke/Rare Gold with a Max Buy Now price judging off value

Purchasing Your High Demand Trading Piece

You'll likely see the majority of them priced similarly, so you'll be able to gauge the true value of the player. What you're looking for here are lazy listings (players listed well below their true FUT value).

The idea is that you'll buy up any lazy listed players who will be highly valued for the SBC, and quickly re-sell for a profit. So once you see one or more Koke Gold Cards listed below value, buy them up.

FIFA 21 Koke 85 FUT Buy Now Screen
Koke 85 card for 6k FUT Coins, to be re-sold for profit

Re-listing Your High Demand Trading Piece for Profit

When the purchase is complete, simply re-list on the market for a price higher than you paid. Try to keep it reasonable to attract quick action, and use the value you've observed from your searches for pricing parameters.

FIFA 21 Koke 85 FUT Re Listing Screen
Koke 85 card Re-Listed for 7.3k FUT Coins, bought at 6k FUT Coins

After your card has been purchased from the market, your work is complete. You've just turned a quick profit by doing nothing more than searching, purchasing, and re-listing the same card!

If you had a hard time following the SBC High Demand Trading Method via text, we've included a video for further explanation. Courtesy of FUT 21 YouTube creator, PR9 the first seven minutes of this video will take you step by step through the process.

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