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FIFA 21 Resurrections FUT Promotion Teased (Ultimate Scream)

With everyone in high anticipation for this year's Ultimate Scream event, EA SPORTS appear to have thrown a curveball and teased a completely new FIFA 21 Resurrections FUT promotion for halloween.

This event has now officially been confirmed by EA! Check out our exclusive FIFA 21 Rulebreakers predictions right here.

We now know for certain that a brand new FUT promo will debut in Ultimate Team this coming Friday (October 23, 2020). With the timing taken into consideration, it would also make sense that this will completely replace FIFA Ultimate Scream.

The colour scheme for this new FUT card design has also never been seen before. It is a combination of neon/lime green and dark purple. Interestingly, there is also a white pitch line running through the card background, with black turf.

EA SPORTS FIFA tweeted the above image along with the date 23/10. As you can see, only three letters were included, so we started to decipher this cryptic message. We tried to fit various letters into the two spaces.

Initially, 'Road Runners' fit perfectly, but it didn't seem to make much sense. We then tried 'Trick or Treats', but with the positioning of the first letter, we would have to assume that this FUT promo must start with an 'R'.

'Record Breakers' sounded good, as EA have never actually released a full promotion specifically for these cards. However, again, the actual letters didn't fit into the spaces. The word 'Record' is too long for the first space.

We noticed that 'Rule Breakers' appeared to work. The fact that a football pitch line is clearly featured in the background gave us the idea that 'crossing a line' and breaking rules are essentially the same thing.

FUT Resurrections FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Promo

FIFA 21 Resurrections FUT Card Design?

With all of the above said, the word 'Resurrections' fit like a glove and sounded like something EA would name as a new halloween event. We then considered what a FIFA 21 Resurrections FUT promo would look like.

How Will FIFA 21 Resurrection Cards Work?

Of course this is only speculation up until now, but we have a few ideas as to how these new player items could replace Ultimate Scream FUT cards.

Revival of "Dead" Ultimate Team Cards

No, not literally dead, but cards that are no longer coveted anymore. This could be due to a lack of pace in older years, a loss of four star skill moves, or simply being past their best.

Resurrection FUT items could be similar to Ultimate Scream cards, in the sense that particular stats are boosted. We could even see certain skill move and weak foot abilities upgraded.

Don't forget, a brand new FIFA Team of the Week was released today. You can check out the entire squad and updated ratings on our latest post.

What About the FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream FUT Promotion?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream FUT Promotion

FIFA 21 Resurrections (assuming that will be the official name), is absolutely expected to replace Ultimate Scream in FUT. EA have made a noticeable effort to add more promos in recent years, so we wouldn't worry.

We suspect that this new event will be just as good, or even better than the previous promotions seen in the ever popular Ultimate Team game mode.

We would have to assume that these players will be available in FUT packs and also via SBCs. With this said, we highly recommend checking out our updated FIFA 21 packs guide to see how to make the most out of your coins.

Finally, a new FIFA title update is expected to be available for download on both PS4 and Xbox One at some point within the next week or so.